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Dermatographism hives remedies usually consist of treatment with various types of antihistamines. However, many individuals seek an alternative remedy to using this type of medication. Listed below are dermatographism remedies that have been tried by actual dermatographism sufferers. Always check with a physician prior to attempting to use an alternative hives remedy.

Dermographism and Periactin for Welts

by Katey (Columbus, Ohio)

I had dermographism for about a year before it was diagnosed by my allergist. First I had an allergy test which came back negative for all foods. The allergist then prescribed Periactin. It works really well although occasionally I still get some redness when the dose wears off. I am down to taking it two times a day. I no longer get the raised welts, just the occasional redness. I would recommend asking your doctor about Periactin because it has greatly improved my dermographism. It is one of those dermographism remedies that may actually work for you.

As for dealing with the social problems when you have dermographism, all of my friends and coworkers know what it is, and generally I think the best thing to do is to joke around about it.

Homeopathic Sulphur Relieves Itching

by Anonymous

I have a fairly mild case of dermographism (as well as some other really cool allergy symptoms). It is mostly about the itching, but I can also write on my skin. I found that the homeopathic sulphur remedy really helps the itching. This is not a cure, but it gets the itching symptoms down into the tolerable range for me and it seems to reduce the skin writing effects as well. I passed this information on to my allergist and she dutifully wrote it down to research. There are no guarantees that this hives remedy will work for you, but it did worked for me.

Hives Remedies for Itching and Welts

by Steph

My dermatologist recommended Loratadine (basically the antihistamine part of allergy medicine). You can get it over the counter - generic or Claritin -- and it works great! I welt up when I get stressed and when I take the pill it stops within five minutes. In addition, I don't need to take it every day. Hopefully, this treatment works for others too.

Comments By: Connie

Yes, Loratadine works for me as well. Unfortunately I do have to take it every day because as soon as I stop, the welting begins anytime I brush my skin against something. My doctor also had me try the generic of Zyrtec, but that didn't seem to work as well as the Loratadine does.

Looking for Hives Remedies, Try Trisalts

by Anonymous

I have dealt with hives off and on for years. I am not into alternative remedies but I got no help from doctors except for steroid packs. Finally a homeopathic doctor told me about TriSalts. It is a powder and I think it is a mixture of calcium, potassium and magnesium salts. I took one teaspoon mixed with water 3-4 times a day and the hives disappeared in a day or two. He explained that it changes the pH in the body therefore not allowing the hives to develop. The only place I know where to get TriSalts is from and they are very inexpensive ($8 for a big bottle). Most of us are short on these nutrients anyway so what can it hurt to try them. Hope this hives remedy helps you as it did me. If I start to get a rash/hives, I just take this for a day or two.

Allergy Medicine Helps Dermagraphism

by Katie (NY)

I pledged this semester at SUNY Oswego for an awesome sorority but the stress, or so I think, brought on a terrible itching reaction that I have never felt before. I never had the chicken pox but I feel as though this is how they feel. In the past, I broke out in hives often and at times I would get inflamed redness on my hands but never this bad. I am not really sure what to do. I have been taking allergy medicine and Benadryl as hives remedies which have been helping a lot and my ex boyfriend actually also had this problem which is crazy ironic. I would like to learn more about it and what I can do to relieve some of the pain. What a weird occurrence.

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