Hot Itchy Skin Rash that Spreads

by Gerleman

I have a rash that I keep getting on the same spot on my arm every year. It starts out as a small lump and it itches and then it starts getting hot and spreads up my arm. The first year I got it four times. Now I get it once between December and February. The doctors don't know what it is and just put me on antibiotics but if the treatment is for seven days, the itchy rash comes back so they have to put me on the antibiotics for ten days. It is gross and I want to know what it is. Any clue on what it could be?

You can diagnose your skin rash at this link. Information is provided on many different types of skin rashes.

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Apr 14, 2015
Sounds Similar
by: Amy

This sounds similar to what I get on my arms. It will start out as an itch and maybe a small red spot and then it grows and swells. It gets hot, sensitive and very very itchy. Benadryl helps make the itching stop for a short time. This one started by my inner elbow and spread down my forearm. I've never been allergic to anything before, now I seem to get these rashes on my arms, feet, hands, and my lips. My lips will start off as an itch and either the top or bottom will swell. I cannot figure out what causes them and they are pretty random.

Jun 16, 2011
Avoid Strong Soaps with Heavy Perfumes
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. Way back in 2009, I had these unexplainable rashes and when I went to the doctor she said to stop using cheap laundry soaps and bath soaps with heavy perfumes. She recommended that I use unscented laundry soaps which are dermatologically tested and the same goes with bath soap - it should be unscented. In addition, one thing she told me was not to stay too long in the shower because the water washes away the natural moisturizer that is present on our skin.

Apr 15, 2011
I will like an answer too!
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem but my occurs every year. Starts as a little itchy and spreads behind your elbows and knees, then you start to feel your body hot and little bumps appear like mosquito bites. Then you can see your skin turn red and after while your skin kind of hurts because of the itchyness. Have you tried cold showers? It works for me.

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