Huge Hives or Welts with Scratching

by Alena

I do not even know if what I am experiencing with my skin is Dermographism. I have actually just started reading about this type of skin condition. I am 15 years old and I suffer from eczema and yes sometimes it is a very itchy skin problem. However, over the past year or so now it has gotten to the point where I scratch ALL OVER my body because of the itchiness and wherever I scratch a nasty trace of huge hives or welts are sure to appear in the scratched area.

I have gone to doctors for this skin problem and all they say is to watch what I am washing my clothes with and therefore I switched to many different detergents and it worked for a month but then the skin hives returned with a vengeance. I am so miserable with this itchy skin welts problem! In fact, I am itching and scratching right now as I am writing this submission! I am so tired of having to live with this stupid skin condition. Has anyone found any solutions for both eczema and/or this freaky rash type thing?

The eczema skin problem is well known and on this website you can get more information about eczema and eczema treatment options. As for dermatographism, it does sound like with your huge hives and welts symptoms that you may have it. A classic symptom is the production of raised skin welts with any kind of applied pressure such as that from scratching. Another classic sign is the skin itchiness that you have described. The cause or causes are difficult to pinpoint. Eliminating anything that makes you itch, such as the wrong type of laundry detergent can help, but often there are so many other things that make you itch that it gets really frustrating trying to find what to eliminate or change from your surroundings.

Many doctors are not familiar with this dermatographism skin problem and often misdiagnose the skin condition. With the information on this and some other websites, knowledge in the field is growing. I would recommend you go back to your doctor and tell him/her what you think you may have. It is best to get referred to a dermatologist if possible so that you can be properly diagnosed. If you have dermatographism, then the dermatologist will likely prescribe antihistamines to help control the itchiness and skin welts. You may still experience skin redness but at least you will be more comfortable. It may take some experimentation with the guidance of the doctor to see which antihistamines work best and which dosage works best for you. The dermatologist can also help you with the eczema.

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