Huge Welts on Arm and Stress

by Stephanie
(Westminster, CO)

I have never had to deal with rashes, unless I come in contact with an allergen that causes the rashes. Recently I had a tiff with my boyfriend and it caused my arm to start itching and I noticed a huge rash. Since then my boyfriend and I have worked everything out.

On Sunday May 23, 2010, I had to go to a friend's house to give her roommate's son a bath. He had not had one in over a month and a half. His body was covered in bumps and dirt and his little part was covered in white welts. I wanted to take him to urgent care because that did not look right at all. I then noticed a blood red diaper rash. It broke my heart to see that. My friend is not at all at fault. She sustained a bad back injury a few years back and it hurts her to no end to bathe and hold the baby. He is 8 months. I was heart broken and went to a ladies night bar and had a few drinks to calm my nerves. Monday came along and I had to call social services on the mom. Then I had to get it off my chest on Monday night with my support group. By the time all was said and done, I had huge welts from the rash on my arm because of the stress. I now lost my voice because my immune system is shoddy due to the stress. It is just not a fun thing to go through. I have dealt with coping stuff for things other then stress...I have not been stressed in my life up until this past month. I honestly hate it and do not need it. Rashes and itch suck. There is my story.

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