Insect Bites, Stress, Hormonal Changes and Skin Hives

by Dawn
(United Kingdom)

I am not sure exactly which specific event caused my dermatographism skin hives to appear. The dermatographism skin problem started within a year of having my first child. However, it is more complicated than that because also in that year I got bitten by several tiny spiders in the garden. When the itching actually started though, I had a horse at the time, which I had bought a few months earlier. The horse had colic and it needed surgery and because of this situation, it was an extremely stressful time for me because of my concern for the horse. In addition to all these other factors, we got some hay delivered that was really really dusty, a bit mouldy, and really poor quality, so much so that hardly any of the horses would eat it. The horses that did eat that hay broke out into hives. It is at this point that the dermatographism started but I do not know if it was the hay as no one else was affected by it or the stress or the spider bites. It may have even been hormonal changes after childbirth.

I guess I will never know exactly which factor caused this hives skin problem. It may have been a combination of all the factors or perhaps only some of them. It is simply too difficult to narrow it down but I do know that many people have associated their dermographism skin problem with at least one of these factors (stress, mould exposure, insect bites, hormonal changes). It is a characteristic of this skin condition that the cause is in most cases uncertain. Unfortunately, I have a feeling this dermatographism will be with me for life now. I find it really embarrassing. I can control the skin itching with antihistamines but the skin writing is immense. For example, I went clothes shopping with a friend a while ago and after trying some clothes on in the changing rooms, I had thick red lines everywhere I had touched my skin and the swollen skin welts stayed for up to half an hour.

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