Intense Itching and Red Skin Welts

by Nichelle

I was a typical teenager but sometime around the end of my junior year the HORRIBLE, INTENSE, WANTING TO SCRATCH YOUR SKIN OFF, itching began. The red welts, and raised pattern of where and how I scratched followed right after I would scratch. At first my parents and I figured that I had an allergic reaction to the soap we were using because I am allergic to a brand that will make my skin bubble up but without the redness, irritation, and itching. Therefore, we changed the soap but unfortunately there was no improvement. Then we thought it was the Bounce dryer bar that my sister had bought so we eliminated that and once again this did not solve the problem. Next we switched the laundry detergent to one that was hypoallergenic, no dyes, etc. After washing all of my clothes using the dye free, allergen free, and basically everything free, it did begin to help eliminate the skin itch. I was also taking Allegra once every 24 hours because it was believed that I was allergic to something.

Finally, I became fed up with the itching. It would come in the middle of class, or at the grocery store or pretty much anywhere, so I went to the dermatologist. Dermatographism was the first word she said when I showed her the bright red raised line of a scratch I made on my arm to show her. She prescribed something for itching at night but I don't believe she understood that the itching happens at ANY time of the day. I just do not understand how this randomly pops up and has lasted for about a year now. I was perfectly fine before this but now I have to constantly worry about scratching my skin or even trying on clothes at a store which will make my red and with welts! I feel like I can't be normal.

I am currently taking an off brand allergy medicine with the night time one but only when I have severe itching outbreaks and usually it feels like the pills take too long to kick in. I really do not want to be dependent on an allergy pill that could damage my body or take a juice for the rest of my life but I HOPE AND PRAY that with taking this medication now, the dermatographism will go away during my years of college or even before then. I wish so bad that there was a cure for this. I would spend any penny to get my hands on it. To this day I still have it.

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There are a couple of remedies for this type of skin problem that me be helpful to you - Read More.

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