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Mild Dermatographism Symptoms

I am a male teenager in my sophomore year with itchy hives dermographism. I first noticed I had this hives skin condition shortly after puberty. At first, I thought nothing of my skin condition, but I am not experiencing some of the discomforts I have read about. It does not burn, it does not itch, and it is easy to cover up.

Once my friends learned about it, a few of them could not go a day without scratching something on my skin! I have had so many different words and sentences written on my arms, it is not even funny. Sometimes people pick at me for having dermographism and hives and that has been my only issue thus far.

I am looking for information about what I should expect in the future and if anyone happens to be able to shed some light on this topic I would appreciate it a lot.

Alexander – October 28, 2008

Avoiding the Itchy Hives Triggers

I have had this hives condition since my sophomore year of high school when I was about 15 and I first noticed dots appearing on my arms during class. These dots were not itchy at all, but looked like strong freckles (no joke), then would go away. It then evolved into this condition, in which I still have today. I am 20 now and in college, and I have learned how to deal with this itchy hives condition. There are several factors in which I try heavily to avoid:

1) Itchy Hives from Stress - Of all the factors, this is by far the one that causes it. When I am stressed over a paper or relationship issues, hives come up just about everywhere. I try to control my stress so the itchy hives do not appear.

2) Ibuprofen - Whenever I take Advil, Motrin, Aleve, or Excedrin, I break out with incredible itchy hives that take hours to go away, so all I take is Tylenol to relieve headaches and pain.

3) Ignoring the itch - I know its tough, believe me, but it helps to not touch the affected area and just ignore it. It actually goes away a lot quicker.

Like everyone else said, there is no cure for this hives condition. The best thing to do is accept it (I know, it is tough) because you cannot do anything about it.

Thank you so much for having this diary of sorts. It is very comforting to know that there are other people out there that have this itchy hives condition, and live through it everyday. Take care.

Matt – October 14, 2008

Itchy Dermatographism Hives

I developed dermographism or skin writing itchy hives in June of 2008. Like Andres, I too thought it was some sort of bug bites on my legs, so I would scratch and scratch. I have been on almost every medicine, steriod and topical cream. None of the medications have worked, and all the steriods did was made me gain almost 30 pounds in 2 months.

I have changed everything I use to non-fragrance and no dye varieties, and still no relief. My allergist sent me for more blood work because she wants to test me for (and I quote) "everything under the sun". So here I await the results but not getting my hopes up. If nothing comes back that helps solve this for me then I am going the herbal route. Has anyone else had it as severe as me?

Itchy hives affect my every day life. So those that say 'it's not that bad' must not have a severe case because this is really affecting me. I have not slept more than four hours a night since June. I have even taken the maximum dose of some of the medications to the 'sedation' level and I still cannot sleep through the night. I bleed on a daily basis from itching. I told my mother that I am going to need depression medication after all this is over.

I would also like to know the answer to Oscar's question about getting tattoos. Is it safe to get them with this hives condition? Thanks for reading. And if anyone can provide any information for me it would be GREATLY appreciated!

Samantha – October 6, 2008

Dermatographism after Giving Birth

I developed dermatographism and itchy hives after giving birth to my first child. I think an allergic reaction from the drugs used during labour was the trigger, in addition to having sensitive skin in the first place.

My skin’s level of sensitivity varies throughout the year and worse periods are associated with dry air indoors during the winter and exposure to other allergens.

I am lucky for not being too bothered from my skin writing condition. It is a neat party trick, but when I end up with a red face with raised welts at work after rubbing myself for some reason, just minutes before I expect customers, I wish my skin was "normal". It is hard to concentrate when the skin burns and later itches and I have come to the point that it is time to try some antihistamines to reduce the hassle at work.

Trine – October 1, 2008

Itchy Hives Treatment

Thanks for sharing your itchy hives story. Mine is pretty similar but I have only been diagnosed in July 2008. My first light attack (on my face) was after a glass of home made white wine. Even now, white wine affects me, but not all of them. I suspect the level of sulfites to play a role in my sensitivity.

My first major attack was in January 2008 and I blamed the dry cold weather! The second major hives attach, in June 2008, occurred while getting ready to move, and working with cardboard boxes. This attack lasted 6 to 8 weeks, and that is when I was finally diagnosed. Since then it is on and off, but very mild. I try not to wear tight clothing and nothing that would scratch my neck.

Once in while I use some Benadryl and also Benadryl cream and spray to calm the itching, especially at night. I find the spray being very practical and soothing while travelling in a plane or car. High dosages of vitamin C seem to help me as well.

Stress seems to have triggered my last attack. Moving is not an easy situation!

Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Janine – September 27, 2008

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