Itchy Rash on Breasts, Arm, and Thigh

by Liz

About five months ago during the summer time, I developed a very small area of red, itchy bumps on the top middle part of my left breast. It was not too bad at first, so I ignored it, thinking it would go away. However, over time, the skin rash became more and more itchy, incessantly itchy, and it covered the area over the whole top, middle, and underside of my breast. Then it spread to my right breast, middle area between and the underside. It then developed in the crease of my left elbow.

Now this may be possibly unrelated, but one night two to three months later, I broke out in full body hives. I then went to the emergency department and was given three or four days of Prednisone pills and was told to take Benadryl as needed for the itching. The skin hives settled down and I determined that the hives were likely caused by laundry detergent since I had recently bought a new type. The rash and hives would go away after the Prednisone dose, but my feet ended up covered again after wearing socks washed in the new detergent. I thought it was all tied together but I guess not.

I finished the course of medications I was prescribed by the doctor and the hives actually went away and the rash I had was also completely gone for about a week. This was a great relief. Unfortunately, the relief did not last long, because the rash then came back again to all the areas it had previously been – my breasts and left elbow crease. The skin rash then spread to other areas of my skin such as my outer left thigh. This condition is so itchy that I sometimes scratch it until it bleeds. Hydrocortisone cream does help very briefly, but the rash stays and it does not go away. I have found that Calmoseptine ointment helps when it coats the affected skin areas, but again, the rash does not actually go away. Benadryl does nothing. It is reddened and again, very itchy, but is not always raised until I start the scratching. The more I scratch the more it spreads, but I stop scratching and it recedes back to those same areas that were originally affected. It is worst at night when I remove my bra, and this happens to my skin no matter what type of bra I wear. For a description of what the rash looks like, I have read it looks like a heat rash, but I'm actually always cold and now it's winter, 30's and 40's Fahrenheit outside. I am at a loss as to what this skin problem is and how it can be cure. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Nov 03, 2017
Strange Rash on Breasts
by: Lorie

I also have had this strange rash for over a month. It started on my right breast and spread across to my left within a week. Now it is not on the sides of my breasts but under them, even below my bra line and on the under side of both my arms. I have used antibiotics, fungal cream, and powder, cortisone cream, and Sana. The relief never lasts long though. Please tell me you found help!

Mar 03, 2017
Rash on Breast
by: Lorrainey

Hello, I am currently on week three of a rash that started on my left breast and now completely covers my chest, under my breast, down my torso, and up the sides of my neck to behind my ears, right below my hair line at the back of my neck, but not yet to my face. I have gotten some pretty vivid photos of the rash from day one to now, that I wish I could share on here but I am not sure how. I have read and read online and was thinking it may have to do with a yeast/fungal type rash but I have been told different. Monday it was a few red dots on my left breast and by today (Thursday) its completely covering certain parts of my body like my chest (the worst) and slowly spreading to the other parts of my body I mentioned above. It seems to possibly be following my bra line. The past week has been the first warm week of the year and I always wear pretty padded bra's. Supposedly fungus likes moist places. However, I have been using anti fungal creams for jocks itch, athlete's foot cream, cortisone, and tonight I thought I would try out a apple cider vineger bath. Too soon to tell if it has helped but I hope I am not going to bed smelling like a pickle for no good reason (fingers crossed).

I also talked to a doctor friend who said she was almost 100% sure it was Pityriasis Rosea. Unfortunately, there is no treatment medicine or cream that will get rid of it. Being I have been lathering in anti fungal creams all week and it's not seeming to help, I am thinking the doctor may be right about it being Pityriasis Rosea. I guess I was just hoping it would be something that had a quick solution.

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