Itchy Red Spots on Legs

by Kiki

I am 15 years old and take a dance class at school as my physical education credit. Since the first day of dance, I have noticed that I get tiny red spots on my feet but I never thought much about them because they would go away after I left that building. This skin problem on my feet began back in September when school started. Last week though, when I went to dance class I could not dance because I was not feeling well at all. I was only able to sit in the corner of the dance room and watch everyone else dance. While I was sitting, I noticed red spots on my feet that had formed, just like they always did, but this time it was much worse. My feet got extremely red and very itchy, and the skin problem started to spread up to my ankles. I was hoping that the red spots and itchiness symptoms would just fade away like they usually would but by my next class the problem was still there and it was spreading further up my leg. I then proceeded to visit the school nurse and she had me wash my feet and put some lotion on, and thank God, the red spots and itchiness disappeared.

Later that night, I went out with my friends and I was wearing jeans. The whole night I was scratching my thighs because they were so itchy but I did not know why. When I got home and was changing into my pyjamas, I noticed that the skin rash was all over my legs except for the part that I had washed early that day. This skin rash was also starting to spread up my back and onto my face. I immediately took a two hour shower and the skin rash problem was gone when I got out. However, my legs felt tingly afterwards and my face did as well. The next week, when I returned to school, the same symptoms and situation surfaced, except this time I just walked into the building and a rash started immediately all over my legs.

I noticed that this skin rash outbreak keeps happening in places where you can really smell the cleaning supplies used in the room. I also realized how this allergy has been affecting me. Usually, I can spin and spin for hours without problems but now in dance class I stumble after turning only a few times. I also get light headed inside the classroom. I think this is because of the cleaning supplies they use but I am not sure. Could this be the cause of my reoccurring rash or could it be something else?

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