Itchy Round Red Rash

by Karthik
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I have a very peculiar skin rash problem. I have been dealing with this skin condition since my childhood days. This skin rash consists of round red rashes that appear on my arms, neck, shoulders, and thighs. The sizes of the red patches vary quite a bit and some areas may measure up to no more than 3 mm in diameter. This skin rash comes and goes within ten minutes and some times even as long as half an hour. Basically the more the itch, the more the rashes appear on my body and the more time it takes for the skin rash vanish and vice versa. After the skin rash goes away, I will not have any lingering problem on my skin.

I used to get this round red rash when my teacher involved me in some embarrassing moment in front of my friends. My skin first itches very intensely before the rash appears and once the rash appears it stops to itch and my body becomes hot. After that the rash will enlarge in size and then flattens and then finally disappears. I almost get this rash on a daily basis, after my bath (warm water) but it will not itch. The intensity of the itch will be severe when my body suddenly experiences an exposure to a temperature difference. Some examples or changes in temperature that trigger the skin rash include:

  • exposure to the hot sun and especially in wintertime after a long stay in my house which would be cool inside

  • exposure to a normal room temperature and a long stay in an air conditioned room

  • spending a long time in a cold water bath and then coming out of it

I have not been able to find any effective treatment or cure for this round red skin rash problem for many years now. I recently have undergone a number of allergy medical tests and the results are negative for all vegetable and non vegetable foods. My recent observation is that I am prone to this more in the winter season than the summer and in fact sometimes in the summer the round red rashes do not appear at all.

If anybody has a solution for this skin rash problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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Apr 11, 2013
Take Zyrtec 10mg
by: mark

I feel like I have the same thing. It is only when I am introduced to the cold. I call them cold hives and my doctor prescribed me with Zyrtec 10mg (same as the over the counter stuff) and now I barely get it, unless the cold is extreme. Just try it. I did and it worked. Please keep me posted!

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