Itchy Skin Blotches Rash

by Borey

I am a twenty-four year old female who is having a terrible time with a certain type of itchy skin rash spots. I describe these spots in terms of skin blotches that appear everywhere on my body and the blotchy patches of skin are very itchy. However, an interesting effect that occurs is that ten or fifteen minutes after the blotches appear on my skin in one area of my body they will vanish from that one area and reappear in another skin area of my body. That new area will then become very itchy and the previous area will be fine and not itchy anymore.

I have seen several doctors, each one as useless as the next, and a dermatologist who told me to eat more beef and green vegetables! I understand why, but I eat more beef and green vegetables than anyone I know! I do not think this is the problem in my case. From what most of the doctors have told me, what I am experiencing with my skin is an allergic reaction, but I do not know to what I am allergic too. Could it be some form of worms? The itching is daily and very regular, and I have had this itchy skin problem for over a year now.

I have not changed my diet, although the itchy blotches seemed to begin around the time I began to drink alcohol - although not a lot of alcohol by any means. I have cut down the amount to little or no alcohol consumption but that has not helped too much because the itch remains and skin blotches still appear as I have described. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this might be or what is causing my skin problem? Also, does anyone else out there have these similar itchy blotches that come and go on their skin. Please let me know, I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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Jan 22, 2012
Acidity in the Blood
by: Anonymous

I had this as a child. Drink lots of water because your blood is probably high in acidic content and you will find it happening when you drink or consume to much acidic items. I drink low acid orange juice and drink a lot of water. It is a type of hives or raised itchy skin that appears and then it disappears and moves. It is usually brought on by the types of food I eat or if I get excited or the drinks I consume.

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