Itchy Skin No Rash

by Lisa
( Plymouth Ma)

About nine months ago, I had a patch of "eczema" develop on the skin of my upper back area of my body. Within four months time, the rash, that was not really a rash (or at least a visible rash), but simply just an itch, spread to my entire body. This skin problem comes in specific areas, meaning it flares up on my back, then maybe my calves, then my thighs, sides of my ribs, etc. The itch is never on my entire body at once, but areas can be involved together in the intense itching episodes.

To try and treat or cure this problem, I have pursued a number of different options. For example, I have done a food elimination diet, used every antihistamine available on the market, tried every lotion cream to combat the itch, and changed the soaps I use for bathing. In addition, I switched clothing to one hundred percent cotton only and also switched to one hundred percent cotton sheets. I changed the room I sleep in just in case there was something in the room that was causing this skin condition. I even got rid of my cat and pursued many other avenues that did not give me any relief at all. Finally, I also changed any medication that I was on and even when so far as to removed a Mirena IUD!

All the doctors that I have seen are stumped and don't quite know what to do for me. I am completely tired of itching and especially at night when it seems to be worse. I have also switched jobs to a totally different area, but this has not changed anything. My best guess is that I am a 52 year old woman who may be entering menopause and my skin is suffering because of the changes.

If anyone reads this and can help with some treatment advice or a diagnosis for the my itchy skin with no rash problem I would truly appreciate it.

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Nov 28, 2017
Basil Applied to the Skin May Help
by: Anonymous

I am afraid I have no idea what your rash may be, as I am suffering from something that is similar, and I am on here looking for answers. But I have tried a dozen different remedies, from different types of baths and lotions, and one I have found really effective is fresh basil leaves. You crush them up and rub them on the itchy skin, and it seems to provide some pretty good relief. If you do not mind smelling like basil. Just do not wash it off, and it lasts for several hours.

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