Lichen Planus Skin Rash

by Laurie
(Boynton Beach Fla, US.)

I was taking care of my husband's back when he had Impetigo skin infection and unfortunately I didn't where gloves and in hindsight I should have. I ended up getting the Impetigo skin condition and then it eventually turned into a lichen planus rash. I ended up having it all over my skin in a matter of months and it is a very itchy skin rash.

I have had Lichen Planus or LP for two years and I have been on topical steroids during this time to treat it. The steroids only suppress the Lichen Planus rash and do not cure the skin condition. When the LP comes back after a round of treatment, it is worse than before I started the treatment. I have tried all different types of treatments but lichen planus skin rash is very hard condition to treat effectively.

I finally decided to try and heal the skin problem myself with a non steroidal treatment. I am using Sarna Sensitive at night (which helps me a great deal when it comes to getting a good night of sleep) and Aveeno Baby Blue Cap cold cream during the day to soothe the itch. It is finally helping me and I feel like my skin is getting better and the treatment is actually healing the lichen planus skin problem. I have this Lichen Planus skin rash problem all over my arms and legs and the skin is very itchy and swollen. I think the Sarna SL keeps down the redness because of the Hydrochloride in it which is very soothing to the skin. If anyone wants to try this it is a great treatment and really not that expensive. It really seems to be doing the trick for me. By the way, I have also been taking probiotics and vitamin C regularly.

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