Lichen Planus Treatment or Cure

by Laurie
(Boynton Beach, Florida)

My name is Laurie and about two years ago I wrote a letter to this skin rash forum telling about my case of Lichen Planus, which is a very itchy skin rash that cannot be cured. I had said that I tried topical steroids and they only suppressed the Lichen Planus and it came back twice as bad when I stopped applying them. I also told the skin rash forum about the Sarna Sensitive Lotion and the cold cream that I used topically on the itchy skin condition. That treatment helped for a while and seemed to clear the Lichen Planus a little and it was not as itchy as it once was. However, I wanted this terrible skin condition to go away completely and quickly after suffering with it for three and a half years. So now I have a new treatment that is really clearing the Lichen Planus and doing it fast. Below are the steps in the all natural Lichen Planus treatment that I have discovered.

Step 1

First thing in the morning before breakfast I drink a cup of lemon juice diluted in water, I wait a half an hour, and then I have breakfast. The lemon juice is really healing the Lichen Planus. It is drying it all up on my arms and legs and it is not as itchy as it was before and the Lichen Planus seems to be shedding a dry powdered dead skin when I wipe it with a dry washcloth. The lemon juice is really healing this skin problem but I also do additional Lichen Planus treatments as described below.

Step 2

In the morning and in the evening I shower with cool water, never warm or hot water because that only irritates the Lichen Planus skin condition. Then I pat my skin dry with a soft towel.

Step 3

Before my skin gets completely dry, I apply Wallgreens Moister Recovery Lotion on the affected skin areas and then I apply the Sarna Sensitive Lotion and let it dry on my skin.

This treatment regime really seems to be working for me and I am so happy that after three and half years my Lichen Planus is finally healing and flaking away all the dry dead skin that the skin condition has left behind and, the best part is the treatment is non-steroidal with no risks of getting another condition.

I wanted to share this story with all of the Lichen Planus sufferers like myself hoping that some of you will try this treatment. It worked for me and hopefully it will work for you. I am finally getting my soft clear skin back again thanks to this treatment.

All of you please take care and always have Faith because Lichen Planus can be cured NATURALLY.

Best regards and stay well and strong.

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