Little Itchy Pimple-like Bumps Under Arm

by David O'd
(South Coast, NSW, Australia)

Angry looking pimple like rash under right armpit only.

Angry looking pimple like rash under right armpit only.

I have had an itchy right armpit for a couple of days. Not thinking to look at it until the itching became worse. No change in diet, skin or hair products, washing detergent, medications, etc., have occurred over the last little while. Everything that has gone on lately is simply my normal routine!

The rash (and I have included a picture to better show this skin problem) consists of very tiny pimple like bumps with white heads looking like your atypical (aka) whitehead pimple or even folliculitis, however, they aren't in or on any follicles? I am seeing my family doctor in two days. I hope this skin rash problem is something simple and nothing serious or complex to treat? It looks very angry at the moment. I will be glad to be rid of this rash.

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