Lyme Disease and Dermatographism Itching Hives

by Danielle
(United States)

The first time I experienced a dermatographism itchy skin hives episode was when I had a bout of Lyme disease. I was bitten by a tick a while back when I was at the age of eleven or maybe twelve. Then about twelve years later at the age 24, I had a rapid onset of advanced Lyme disease symptoms. The dermatographism came with the Lyme disease symptoms and then faded shortly after taking antibiotics for the treatment of the Lyme disease problem. It then came back very suddenly at the age of twenty-eight. I do not know what caused the dermatographism. It may have been the Lyme disease. Some other possibilities of things that may have caused the dermatographism are periods of stress in my life, allergies, infection, repeated trauma to the skin, and quitting the smoking of marijuana. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had a situation similar to mine. These factors are just my vague guesses as to what may have caused this dermographism hives skin problem.

In order to treat the hives, raised welts, and itchiness caused by the dermatographism, I have recently started on Hydroxyzine and Claritin antihistamines, and began to smoke marijuana once again. Sure enough, my dermatographism symptoms faded or subsided for a couple months. I then decided to experiment a bit with the antihistamine treatment and slowed down on the Hydroxyzine from daily use, to bi-weekly use, and then just weekly and it seemed to work just fine. I then decided to quit smoking again and within three days, my dermatographism came back full strength. I am now taking two pills of Hydroxyzine per day, I am still not smoking and I still have a pretty severe case of dermatographism. However, the antihistamines do control the welts and itching symptoms to a point.

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Jun 10, 2014
Tick Bite Dermatagraphism
by: Anonymous

I got bitten by a tick in April of 2012 and the next morning noticed that I had dermatagraphism and have had it ever since. I also developed a mucous cyst in a my mouth about a week after the bite. Then I developed a wart on one of my fingers as well which was unusual. Not long after that a skin rash appeared as well that was brought on by sweating and friction from running. It is very likely that fatigue has also been an onging issue since then as well.

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