Massive Skin Rashes from Packaged Food

by Michelle
(Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada)

The skin problem that I am concerned about is the presence of rashes all over my toddler's body. I was told by a doctor that it simply was eczema, but it was so painful on a daily basis for her and I figured it had to be something else. Finally a friend told me she might have wheat allergies. In order to investigate this potential allergy problem, I removed all wheat, whey, and anything with wheat proteins (such as shampoos) out of her diet and out of contact with her skin. What would you know, the rash went away within a month. Now she has gone from being tired and in pain all the time to a child with high energy and with no skin or bowel problems.

My own skin problems started shortly after finding out about my daughter's situation. I have also taken wheat out of my diet but I still struggle with rashes on my hands every day, which spreads with certain foods. It feels like my skin is on fire, plus the itch, and the skin breaking open. I also have inflamed fingers to the point where I can't wear my wedding rings. It really is not fun at all to have this skin problem. If I eat a clean fresh diet, of fruits and veggies (with the exception of tomatoes, strawberries, pineapple and spinach), fresh meats, no pastas (even the gluten free stuff) or if it is processed gluten free, I still can't eat it or I will break out. I find anything fermented, sour cream, yeast, certain cheeses is a definite no no. Weird though, I didn't start having these problems until I moved to Northern Ontario. Now my siblings have moved up here and now they are all experiencing these skin issues as well. I hope they make some advancements in this area, because this stuff really sucks.

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