Mosquito Bite Reaction and Skin Scarring

by Maddy

Whenever I go to the East coast for a vacation I have to be very careful to watch out for mosquitos. When I am bitten by one, the mosquito bite goes through three specific stages. The first stage is what I call the swelling stage. This is the typical or normal reaction that most people experience after a mosquito bite. The affected skin area also itches and turns red. Both of these symptoms are also not that unusual for a standard bite from a mosquito. However, the second stage is something that I have never seen anyone else have. I call this second stage the Crater stage. After the swelling occurs on the skin, the bite caves in to form a sort of crater in my flesh that becomes waxy, raw, and scabs. This stage usually takes about a month to heal. the third stage is the formation of a scar where the mosquito bite, swelling, and crater occurred. I now have scars all over my legs and some on my arms that never seem to go away.

Unfortunately, I have had this mosquito bite reaction since I was little but only with mosquito bites. Sometimes a grouping of swells will develop around one bite in skin areas where I wasn't even bitten! Does anyone else have this reaction or know what it is? I would really like to have a diagnosis and a way of preventing this from happening. The scarring is really affecting the appearance of my skin.

I have included a picture of my lower leg and ankle area to illustrate what I am talking about. You can see scars from past bites and a crater that is red and scabbing from a more recent mosquito bite.

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Oct 13, 2017
Same Mosquito Bite Reaction
by: Ester

I experience the same - swelling, redness, the crater, then for months a brown pigment where I was bitten. It usually is still noticeable after a year. I thought I was the only one. Did anyone ever find out what causes this?

Aug 01, 2017
Same Reaction
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same reaction to mosquito bites and the smaller bumps forming. I am undergoing blood work presently and I am concerned. My doctor says it is purpura and investigations are on going.

Jul 22, 2015
Same Reaction to Mosquito Bites
by: Anonymous

I have the same kind of reaction. The bites look so bad and the scars have not gone away.

May 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have the SAME issue and want to know how to prevent it. I have so many scars on my arms and the bites take forever to heal!

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