Mysterious Leg Rashes - Lyme disease?

by Elisa
(New York)

I hope you guys know more about these rashes than I. I've googled them but can't find the exact thing.

First, a little background. I have Lupus but I really don't get rashes with it, but anything is possible. I am worried that it could be Lyme disease but I don't recall being bitten by a tick. I have been experiencing a lot of bad health since January such as stomach problems, headaches, dizziness, and recall being at a friends house and finding myself with a little rash inside my elbow but that looked more like ringworm because it was raised and a bit scaly. This was back in September 2015. The rash went away in a few days.

So symptoms started in January. I have always had some sort of these symptoms because of the Lupus and whatnot but since January 2016 they seemed aggravated. I just didn't feel like myself - tired and worried.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I find two faint rashes on my legs, almost symmetrical and on the outer thighs. One is bigger than the other one. They are not red like Lyme and more like dark pinkish in color. The rashes are not itchy at all. I see more of the outer edge of the rash and the color fades as it goes inward. One of the rash patches looks like it's following my leg with a line to my posterior. The other one is more contained and just a bit of an oval shape. On both rashes, I can't find a perfect oval or closed edges. They are not raised and if I rub the skin to warm them up they disappear.

I have seen a few doctors about this. One thinks it's Lyme. All the others don't. But she doesn't think I was infected in September but rather more recently. I have only been to a plant nursery in New Jersey a few weeks ago as the only place where I could have gotten a bite. But it wouldn't explain the months of symptoms prior to this.

As for these two rashes, I want to add that right before noticing them I had started doing some exercises of the legs and butt which involved leg raises, squats and gluteus squeezes. It might sound silly but with Lupus you never know. I hadn't exercised in a long time so maybe that could have inflamed the skin? It's not a black and blue mark. Just a darkened area. It's now been there, at least since I've noticed, about three weeks.

I worry about Lyme. And while I can't pinpoint a moment where I could have been bitten I guess anything is possible. I don't go camping. I live in a city with little Lyme statistics and never really go rolling in grass.

What do you guys think? My next step is to see a dermatologist and then back to Lupus doctor.

Sorry if the pictures are hard to see but the rashes are quite faint and hard to capture. If you keep staring at the picture you will see them.

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