Mystery Rash on Skin

by Mark
(Kentucky, USA)

mystery rash on leg and ankle skin area

mystery rash on leg and ankle skin area

I am 60 years old and I have developed, for the first time in my life, a mystery rash. I cannot seem to find any exact description of what this skin problem could be or find a similar image of the rash online, even after much searching.

This is my story. At the end of last summer, I came down with a skin rash that I attributed, at the time, to too much sun exposure and heat while working outside. The rash appeared, generally pretty much all over my body, was generally mild in appearance and for the most part not that itchy, although there were a number of more intense patches of the rash that appeared on the legs, hands and upper chest. Those areas did itch a little more than the others did. The worst areas seemed to appear in spots in which clothing was tight up against my body, such as the ankles from wearing socks and shoes or also on the back of the hands. The rash would tend to lighten up overnight, and then come back during the day. Some days it would almost seem to go away completely and then come back the next day. Overall, the rash lasted about three weeks and then cleared up completely.

That was it and I had forgotten completely about the skin rash episode until seven months later in March 2017, when it appeared again overnight. It is cold outside and I have not been out in the sun at all, so I can no longer attribute the rash to sun and heat overexposure. This time I had streaks of the rash on my head, as if my razor (when shaving my head) had caused additional irritation. The symptoms have persisted for three days now.

I assume that there must be an environmental agent at work, but I could not make a guess as to what it might have been seven months ago. I did not change any of my behaviors or alter my environments before or during that period or since. It just seems odd the way this mystery rash appeared out of seemingly nowhere, sort of comes and goes and then stopped and now is back and I cannot find anything online that seems to match the "look" of the rash.

I have included a picture of the rash on my leg and ankle area and would appreciate any diagnosis offers by visitors to this website.

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