Nair Red Burning Face Rash

by Anonymous

I was getting ready for a date one night and only had a dull razor to shave with. However, I did have Nair for the face. I tried it, but it did not work as expected. Therefore, I decided to use Nair for legs on my face and I applied it for three minutes. For the whole time period that it was on my face, the skin on my face burned! It was very uncomfortable but I left in on so it would work properly! After the three minutes had passed, I removed the Nair from my face but it did not work since no hair was removed. My face was red and irritated like I had liquid rug burns on it. Ultimately, I still had to shave with a dull razor in order to remove the facial hair.

So now I have some sort of red skin rash on my moustache area and a little bit of this red skin rash around the skin by my lips - not on my lips but above them. This red skin irritation or skin rash has been on my face for about two or three months now. I do not know if it has gotten any better over time or worse or perhaps stayed the same as when it first happened. Upon closer examination, it may have improved slightly but not by much.

To remedy this Nair skin rash problem I have tried many different creams but nothing seems to help with the skin rash. I really would like know what to do at this point. I am guessing that I should see a doctor and get an injection of some sort but what I do know is that antibiotic cream does not work. I have also used hydrocortisone for a bit but not for long so I can’t really see if there are any positive benefits to the affected skin area.

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