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Natural Cures for Dermatographism Skin Problem

by Claire

I am looking for a natural hives treatment for my dermatographism? Also, how long does it usually take for urticaria and/or the dermatographism skin hives to disappear after stopping use of the drug thought to have caused it? I stopped taking the penicillin three weeks ago and the urticaria has gone but the dermatographism skin condition continues.

Dermatographism is a form of urticaria - pressure urticaria where the application of pressure on the skin causes the formation of hives or welts. The pressure does not need to be excessive for the welts or hives to appear on the skin. The exact cause or causes of this skin problem are unknown, but drugs and in particular antibiotics are though to be one of those causes.

When taking medication, hives can be a sign of an allergic reaction to the medication. However, if this is not an allergic reaction as it appears to not to be and if the medication has triggered something within the body and dermatographism has developed then you are in a situation that so many other dermatographism sufferers find themselves in. The condition may eventually go away on its own. This can be in a short amount of time such as a few weeks, but usually several years need to pass before the dermatographism either subsides in intensity or disappears altogether. Often, the condition does not get better and doctors simply treat the symptoms with antihistamines in order to make the dermatographism sufferer more comfortable.

Many people would rather have a cure or at least avoid drugs and therefore, information on natural hives treatment options that may help cure your dermatographism skin problem can be found at this page.

Hypnotherapy as a Natural Hives Treatment

by Irene

In October 2010, I suddenly developed a skin rash on my face coupled with a very inflamed red eye. As I am by nature a very shy and quiet individual these reactions had a devastating effect on my confidence levels. The rash on the side of my face resembled tiny hives which then proceeded to weep and become more inflamed. At the same time my eye became extremely red and swollen.

I visited four doctors in an effort to cure the problem. Blood tests were carried out and I was prescribed a myriad of tablets which only seemed to alleviate the problem temporarily. The last doctor that I visited could not find any causative connection for my skin reactions and suggested that I look at a way of alleviating my stress levels as a natural hives treatment solution. Bearing that in mind, I visited a hypnotherapist who taught me both self-relaxation techniques and ways to improve my confidence levels.

I had my last hypnotherapy session on the 5th of February 2011 and as a result of my improved confidence levels and consistently practising self-relaxation techniques I feel that I can cope with stress a lot better than I ever could. I did ask the hypnotherapist what he thought might have triggered the skin reactions. In his opinion it was due to a brother-in-law dying very suddenly two months earlier.

I really do sympathize with anyone experiencing skin rashes as I know how self-conscious you feel as a result and would suggest that you might consider visiting a hypnotherapist to acquire self-relaxation techniques. This can be a great natural hives treatment.

Diagnosing Dermographism and Treatment Options

skin writing or dermatographism on arm

by Matt

I am 15 years old and I was over at my Aunt's house and she has Dermographism. I told her my skin pops up and she said I have it to. I went to the doctors to get stitches and when I looked all around the stitches I had random spots popping out! I asked if I had Dermographism and she said yes, but that is all she said. I think it is a cool writing thing, but I do not know what I should do? No one knows what it is?

That sure looks like dermographism to me. The best course of action is to visit a doctor to verify the diagnosis and to ensure you are healthy otherwise and nothing else is going on with your body. Although many doctors are unaware of this skin problem, more and more are becoming familiar with it. If your doctor has no idea what it is, you can tell him what you think. Treatment of dermographism is discussed on the dermatographism treatments page of this website and some natural hives treatment options are also discussed.

A couple of options that can help not only control the hives or welts symptoms but also cure the problem altogether. Please consult this page for how to obtain these natural hives treatment for dermatographism and hive related skin problems.

Dermographism Getting Better With Time

by Melinda

I have dermatographism and have always had itchy skin that often breaks out in rashes or hives. The itch can be so bad and demanding and people do not understand why I can't just control my scratching.

The dermatographism has actually gotten better over time. It was very pronounced when I was younger, but as I have gotten older (30 years old now) it has improved. I still get the red marks if I scratch the skin, but they only pop up on some areas of my body now (my face, neck, stomach - I guess all the sensitive skin areas).

I have read that it is something that can improve as you get older.

I have also read that there may be a link between sun exposure (vitamin D) and dermatographism - that is, a lack of vitamin D from sun exposure can make the condition worse. I try to get 10-15 min of sun exposure each day on most of my body.

I have also heard that it could be diet related, but I need to find out more. I recently stopped being a vegetarian but I am not sure if it is related to the improvement I have seen. I am sure there are other natural hives treatment options out there as well.

I always thought I was a bit of a freak. My skin is so sensitive it drives me crazy. I have bad reactions to mosquitoes, I get very red, itchy legs after showers (even if I don't use soaps) and I always have some kind of rash on me. At the moment it isn't too bad so I am thankful.

How Long Will Dermatographism Last

by Nadeem

Well, I first started noticing this problem around the age of perhaps 15 and I could only assume that stress may be the likely cause. To my knowledge, I don't have any allergies and I have had protective shots against harmful infections and infestations.

I have learned that this usually occurs to people in their twenties and I'm just curious if that is for better or for worse? Also, how long is this problem likely going to stick around?

It is too hard to tell you how long it will last. It depends on the individual person. For some, it lasts only a few months. For others, it is a lifetime and for others still it may come and go over the years. More information is at the dermatographism page. There are also some natural hives treatments that may be viable as well.         

Will Dermatographism Ever Go Away?

 by Sally

I have had this skin condition for 5 months now. It has gone down a bit, but will it ever completely go?

For some people it has, for others the symptoms are more mild, and for others it lasts many years. Some people do not experience symptoms for a long time and then they reappear. It really depends on the individual person. There is no cure but there are treatment options available, including a natural hives treatment.

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