Natural Remedy for Skin Hives 

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A natural remedy for skin hives caused by dermatographism is an ideal treatment for this skin problem because a natural cure for hives avoids many of the side effects that certain medications create. Listed below are some suggestions for natural remedies for skin hives. Always consult with a physician before stopping any medication that you are currently on and when pursuing natural treatments for hives to ensure they are safe especially when the remedies involve elements that you are not familiar with or have never been exposed too.

Natural Remedy for Skin Hives

by Jen Brier (Leeds)

I have had Chronic Urticaria or skin hives now for well over two years. I have also experienced Angioedema (swelling - eyes, lips, tongue) which has caused great embarrassment and even resulted in me taking quite a lot of time off work. The rash and swelling was so bad that I had to attend the accident and emergency room for two days as I was at the very end of my tether! I have researched a lot of sites to find some sort of relief. It feels like I've tried every antihistamine on the market but Cetirizine and the type 2 receptive antihistamine Ranitidine (Zantac) taken together work the best for me. However, recently I discovered Apple Cider Vinegar - the very purest kind with mother which is the heart of the ingredient. I have taken this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The dosage is two tablespoons with warm water and a teaspoon of honey. It is not that nice to taste but since I have been taking this (for less than a week) I have almost no sign of my rash and have not needed to take any antihistamines for the past couple of days. Give this natural remedy for skin hives a try because if you are like I was, ANYTHING is worth a go.

Natural Remedy for Skin Hives Symptoms

by Steph (Utah)

Approximately nine months ago my husband developed dermographism. We tore the house apart looking for environmental causes and replaced everything with hypoallergenic versions. He is managing the symptoms, which of course are not going away. Three weeks ago, I developed dermographism. I am outraged that this did not inspire our dermatologist to look for a root cause. I am not content with just calling this idiopathic.

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Dermographism is not contagious. If one person has it, then it cannot be spread to another person. That being said, the cause of your husband's dermographism may have initiated it in you as well. Trying to pinpoint the cause is very difficult and it may be a combination of things, but it appears that there is a real source of an allergen that you are both being affected by. Options for treatment are basically to manage the symptoms with medication. The other thing to do is to try and find the allergen and remove it, but this is very difficult to do and even if the allergen is found and removed the dermographism likely will stay. Others want to try a natural remedy for skin hives to cure the dermographism and get off of the antihistamine medications. Two such natural remedies can be found below. Good luck.

Antihistamine Diet as a Natural Remedy for Skin Hives

by Zizi (New York, NY)

I have been suffering from skin hives for about five years now and I've been told I have dermographism for two years. The first year when I realized there was a problem with my skin my primary doctor told me that I had ‘dry skin’. I had been using prescription lotion for almost two years until I realized my condition was getting worse. I did blood work and nothing seemed to make sense as to why this was happening.

About two years ago for the first time, I visited a well known allergist and I was told that I have dermographism but there is no cure for it except to take antihistamines for the rest of my life or until it goes away on its own. What a waste of money and time.

I have been researching everything on my own and came up with few things that actually helped me. I tried an antihistamine diet which eliminates all the foods that are high in histamine such as spinach, nuts, cheese, chocolate, alcohol, and the list goes on and on. Yes it does reduce the hives and itchiness a little bit but not completely. Also, I am lactose intolerant and it slightly helps when I do not eat any dairy products. Stress is the main cause I believe, at least in my case and that's how it started. Reducing stress is sometimes impossible at certain times, but maybe releasing the stress later that day could help. Whatever works for you, gym, running, talking to someone - just release it somewhere. Reducing stress is a simple natural remedy for skin hives.

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