Nickely Allergy Skin Rash - Nickel Skin Rash

by Joseph

I have had dermographism for about seven years. I have all the typical symptoms such as itching, raised red welts, etc. Lately, it is not too bad. I am not taking anything for it and I simply put up with it. It tends to get worse in the winter (probably due to the dry conditions), but in the summer it gets better. Why? Maybe because of more moisture in the air or maybe because of sun exposure on the skin. Some on this website have mentioned that uv exposure via the sun or tanning bed helps with their dermographism.

My real obsession is finding what caused this. I had been scratching for several weeks without paying much attention to it until I looked in the mirror at my back which I had been scratching and saw numerous large red welts. I was a bit concerned at first, thinking I had some sort or rare and dangerous disease but with some internet research and a visit to the dermatologist, I was diagnosed. Dermographism is linked to many possible causes.

In my case, I am fairly positive it started with a skin reaction with my eyeglasses - the parts that rest behind the ears and contact the skin. The paint covering the metal had worn away and exposed the metal containing nickel. Therefore, the nickel was in constant contact with my skin. This, I believe, eventually led to dermographism as my body got sensitized to the nickel allergen. This nickel allergy skin rash was especially evident at the contact point. The skin touching the bare metal had a nickel skin rash that was red, inflammed, and blistered. Once I changed my glasses (the new ones had plastic covering the metal instead of paint), the nickel skin rash diappeared.

At first I thought it was simply the glasses rubbing the skin that caused the condition, but I realized with the new glasses that the nickel rash was gone even though the new glasses were still rubbing the skin.

That is my story. By the way, I get the same nickel allergy skin rash (blisters, etc.) with certain watch bands. I rarely wear a watch these days.

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