Over the Counter Antihistamines for Dermatographism and Skin Hives

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Over the counter antihistamines are one possible treatment for dermatographism skin hives and other symptoms of this skin condition such as itchy skin. Below are some posts from real individuals suffering with dermatographism and their experience with this type of over the counter medication.

Antihistamines (Over the Counter) for Dermographism

By Cynthia (Philadelphia, PA)

About four years ago I started being allergic to various chemicals, dyes, aspirin and some other medications. Just last month the dermatographism skin condition started. I am uninsured at the moment, but have been taking 100 mg of Benadryl per day as of last week along with using chamomile. Until I obtain insurance to cover my medical costs is there anything else over the counter that you can suggest? Thank you for your time.

One approach to treating the symptoms of dermographism is finding the right antihistamine or combination of antihistamines as well as the right dosage that works for you. Every individual does not react the same to the different antihistamines. If Benadryl is not working for you, then try some other over the counter antihistamines like Reactine or Claritin. Reactine or Zyrtec is the antihistamine that is usually tried first in treating dermographism. Follow the instructions on the package and do not take more than you should unless you are under the supervision of a doctor. Also, be careful when it comes to using more than one product at the same time. You could also discuss this with the pharmacist.

Often stronger antihistamines than are available over the counter are required and these are only available with a doctor's prescription.

Finally, take a look at this natural antihistamines page for information on natural remedies that you may want to try. This page also has information on various antihistamines and side-effects.

Over the Counter Antihistamines such as Benadryl and Claritin for Dermographism

By Anitta (Los Angeles)

I have been experiencing these symptoms for several years, sometimes in agony, because the itching will not stop and no one has been able to help me not even the doctors that I have seen for this skin problem. Please, can you refer me to somewhere or to something that I can take to make this skin problem stop? I have been on Benadryl for five years now and sometimes Claritin and I am scared to conceive because I might pass it on to my children. Please Help!

There is no cure for dermographism. Most can manage the symptoms with over the counter antihistamines. Often you need to experiment with the help of a doctor to find which antihistamine or combination of antihistamines and what dosages work for you. My dermatologist never suggested staying on the antihistamine continously, but suggested 3 weeks on 3 weeks off. It really depends on each individual case. If you are looking for a discussion on alternatives, you can visit the link below:

Controlling Dermatographism with Over the Counter Antihistamines

By Anonymous

I have a 13 year old daughter whose symptoms are exactly as described in the summary of dermogaphism. This has cropped up in the last couple months as the weather here in Minnesota has turned colder and dryer. I have not yet seen a doctor about this.

1) Should I still have her see the doctor if I am able to control her symptoms with Benadryl or other over the counter antihistamines? 2) Is this a condition that is likely to worsen (or get better) as she gets older?

It is probably a good idea to see the doctor to rule out any other underlying problems that may be causing the suspected dermatographism. If it is dermatographism, then the doctor can advise on the proper use of antihistamines and maybe prescribed more effective antihistamines than those over the counter ones.

This condition can get worse or better in the future. In fact, it can get worse or better as the seasons change. For many, the condition does get worse in the winter as dry skin becomes an issue. Every individual is different and it is difficult to say what will happen with your daughter.

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