Painless Rash on Face and Around Mouth

by Anonymous

I have a painless rash on my face. This facial skin rash does not itch and overall it does not bother me at all. It is just when I look in the mirror I know it is there. For the record, I have no reason to be concerned about any STD's causing this face rash.

Three members of my family have eczema, however from what I understand about the eczema skin care problem is that one of the major symptoms is that it itches and my face rash does not itch.

When I shave my face, it makes the skin rash worse and for some reason applying lotion makes it worse as well. Could I be having some kind of allergic reaction? I am also very athletic and I exercise daily. Could this also be a factor in the presence of this rash on my face?

I take a very fantastic multivitamin and have been taking it for a while now. My diet has been poor for the past few months (at least compared to usual) so I do not believe that changes in my diet have anything to do with the appearance of this painless face rash.

I am really worried about this rash at this point. It is all red and seemingly dried up most the time. No puss is present, maybe a zit here or there, but nothing large, just a small one here, or there, and not consistent at all. I am feeling very lost at this point and I can't afford to see a regular doctor or skin doctor for that matter. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this painless rash on my face could be?

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Feb 13, 2012
Possibly Perioral Dermatitis
by: Anonymous

Some aspects of what you wrote sounds like perioral dermatitis (translation: "skin infection around the mouth").

It's a skin bacterial infection, and while it shouldn't itch, it should feel a bit like a mild sunburn when you touch it.

It will appear to respond to a hydrocortisone cream but this doesn't help over the long term. If this matches - particularly the sensation of burning when you touch it - then you should visit a dermatologist and they will probably diagnose you with it and prescribe a topical or oral antibiotic.

Oct 25, 2011
Non-itchy Burning Face Rash
by: Ted

I had something similar to your facial rash a couple of years ago. My face began to swell and burn and turn red from one day to the next without any changes in my daily routine. This happened during the winter time and seemed to get worse when shaving and applying moisturizer. I thought my skin was just dry from the winter climate and was using moisturizer often. I changed shave creams thinking it was the problem. However, the face rash did not disappear. I stopped shaving my face completely for a few days, thinking that it was causing the irritation and facial rash but still no success. Finally, I stopped using the moisturizer and sure enough it was causing my face to burn and get red. I thought it was helping the face rash but it was causing it and making it worse. It was likely an allergic reaction to some ingredient in the moisturizer product.

For moisturizing my face, I now use hypoallergenic products only, with as few additives as possible. I no longer have the face rash problem. I hope this helps.

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