Permanent Armpit and Pubic Male Hair Removal

by Anonymous

I am a male and I like to practice good male grooming but I hated shaving my pubic and underarm hair because of all the blunt ends of hair always growing back quickly. I found waxing to be a hair removal procedure that eliminated the problem of blunt hair ends growing back. IN FACT THE SMOOTH FEELING from the waxing hair removal process WAS BEYOND MY GREATEST EXPECTATIONS. I was very satisfied with the results, the look, and the feel.

However, as I got more financially able, my wife had me remove both my pubic and underarm hair permanently by electrolysis. It is a shame we men do not have it removed as a teenager when the hair first comes in. Being permanently smooth in those two skin areas of the body is the sexiest feeling you will ever have and your lover will love you more than ever for doing it. It may not be the preference for all men but permanent hair removal eliminates the need for constant waxing and gives you a clean and smooth look at all times.

A cheap hair removal method for getting smooth or hairless on a trial basis is to let someone pluck out all those hairs by pulling the hair out in groups. This hair removal procedure is less painful than waxing hair removal since you are removing fewer hairs with each pull. For every man that is unsure about going smooth, I simply recommend you try it. If men would go smooth for a few months, I can assure you that they will never go back to letting the hair grow
and they will wonder why they did not start it sooner. If a man does not like the smooth or hairless feeling, he can always let the hair grow back.

With the dozens of guys that I suggested to pluck out their pubic and underarm hair, I never had one who wanted the hair back. And most began saving money to have the hair taken out permanently by laser or electrolysis. You only live once; so give yourself the pleasure of smooth skin areas in the armpits and pubic area. It not only feels good, but is cleaner and is a good male grooming procedure.

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Apr 16, 2019
Male Pubic Hair Removal is Best
by: Anonymous

I disliked my pubic hair and shaved from the day it started growing. I was totally hairless when I met my wife.

She was pleased to find no hair in that part of my body. Keeping me that way was very important to her, so it was no surprise when the topic skipped straight past waxing and asked me to have my pubic hair permanently removed.

We did some research and decided that genital electrolysis was the preferred method for this area. Removal is total, without chance of regrowth.

I had to grow the hair out for treatment, which she disliked, but she knew the result would be worth the minor inconvenience. I pretty much hated it though. It itched, it was ugly, and it decreased sensation for both of us.

Our patience was rewarded the first time the electrologist was able to clear the entire area in a single session. I was completely bare and utterly smooth for most of a month. It was wonderful. Eventually regrowth ceased entirely and I stayed that way. You can no longer tell I ever had pubic hair.

Our reasons for removing my pubic hair were slightly different:
Me: I never wanted it. Bleh.
She: We are just getting started on body hair removal. It all is supposed to go.

It will take a bit more work to accommodate her request, but I am willing to do as she asks. She wants to have my armpits done next.

I have to say that we both like what has been done so far. Removal is much, much better than shaving. There is no comparison at all.

Sadly, I cannot comment on what it would feel like if we were both hairless. She loves her pubic hair and wants to keep it. To be honest, I like it too.

May 15, 2013
Hair Free Also
by: Anonymous

My wife disliked my pubic hair and insisted on permanent total removal. She set me up for electrolysis treatments and ensured that the practitioner understood that removal was to be total, navel to buttocks.

Treatments were uncomfortable, but the result undeniable. I'm now permanently as bare as I was as a pre-pubescent boy. We both enjoy my new appearance tremendously.

Oct 09, 2011
Razor Bumps or Razor Burn
by: David

I have been shaving my body hair on various parts of my body for a few years now. I generally use a good quality razor and use a moisturizing bath wash to act as the shave cream. What is annoying is the razor bumps or razor burn that sometimes occurs. However, after much trial and error, the key to avoiding razor burn and razor bumps and ingrown hairs for that matter is to shave with the direction of hair growth. This advice is nothing new, but it is true.

The problem is that when shaving body hair, the direction of hair growth varies depending on the body part. If you shave your body hair everywhere in the same direction then you will find that some areas will develop a nasty razor rash whereas other skin areas will not.

So, when shaving your body hair, pay special attention to the direction of hair growth and shave in that direction. Also, do not keep shaving over the same area because this will over irritate the skin. Not all men will experience razor bumps, razor burn, or ingrown hairs, if they do not follow this advice, because of the differences in skin sensitivity. However, for most, I am sure this advice will help.

Oct 08, 2011
Permanent Hair Removal for Men
by: Rob

This is a great post and I have to agree fully with the writer. I never practiced any kind of hair removal on my body until I got a vasectomy a few years ago. The requirement was to shave the pubic area. I liked the feel and look so much that I regularly shave the pubic area in the shower to maintain the look and feel. I eventually started trimming the hair in my armpits, chest, and back. Eventually, I moved from trimming to shaving the hair everywhere. I regularly shave my pubic area, my armpits, my chest, my back, and sometimes my legs. Really the only area I have not shaved is my head and my forearms.

Although, I do enjoy the clean and smooth look and feel of being hairless, like the writer of the above post has stated, it is a real problem to constantly shave and a real problem dealing with the rough hair ends or stubble and the occasional ingrown hairs that develop. I am now thinking of going the permanent hair removal route. I just have to decide which areas to choose.

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