Pictures of Common Rashes 

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Pictures of common rashes can be away of identifying or diagnosing your skin rash. This page contains common and perhaps not so common rashes that have been submitted by visitors to the website.

Pictures of Common Rashes Below

Please provide a comment if you can identify the skin rash in the picture. Also, please feel free to submit your own skin rash picture.

Red Itchy Patch on Skin

Submitted by Anonymous

I thought I had a mosquito bite on the back of my knee. It has been three weeks and the problem never went away. It has spread a bit and is now itchy in a spot about as big as my palm. It itches like crazy. Then another spot started itching on my right hip. It almost feels bruised but, again itches like crazy.

itch red patch of skin on back of legItchy red patch of skin on back of leg.

Red Patches on Both Arms

Submitted by Victoria, Grand Prairie, Texas   

I get a pinching feeling in my left upper arm, almost under my arm and I looked on the other arm and the same red patchy rash is present.

red patch of skin on inside of armRed patch of skin on arm.

Bee Stinging Feeling Rash

Submitted by Martha, Gadsden, Alabama

I have an auto immune condition called Charcot Marie Toothe but do not see where this condition has rash symptoms. My rash is on my neck, armpits, front trunk, and inner thighs. It stops at my knees. The only symptom is a bee stinging feeling sometimes at different areas. Thank you for any help. 

rash with bee stinging feelingA skin rash with a bee stinging feeling.

HIV Armpit Rash

Submitted by Orolig, Sweden  

I got this rash about 6 to 7 weeks after potentially being infected with HIV.  Just before the rash broke out, I spent a few days hiking with sweaty clothes on and had poor hygiene. The rash has blisters that quickly turn into sores. Could this be acute HIV rash?

possible HIV armpit rashAn armpit rash possibly caused by HIV.

Blotchy Welt Rash on Stomach  

Submitted by Joanna, Colorado Springs

I am really freaked out because for a week and two days now I have had a red welt looking rash that has spread from one side of my stomach to the other.  What could it be? I am 21 year old female.

blotchy welt rash on stomachBlotchy welt rash on stomach that is spreading.

Rash on Hands and Elbows

Submitted by Shanice, Hyannis

Every summer I get a rash on my hands and/or elbows. It started when I was in 5th grade. I went to the doctor but he said it wasn't eczema. It starts in the early summer months and usually between September and November.

summer rash on hands and elbowsRash on hands and elbows that occurs in the summer.

Spreading Body Rash

Submitted by Karla, California

I been having a rash over a week and it's spreading all over my body and starting to itch.

Spreading Body RashSpreading skin rash all over body.

Itchy Red Rash on Neck and Shoulders

Submitted by Brittany, Alberta

It started on my chest by my breast and it got all the way up my neck and shoulders now! It was gone but came back! If anyone can diagnose this, please post to this pictures of common rashes page.

itchy red rash on neck and shouldersItchy red rash on neck and shoulders.

Red Spots on Thighs

Submitted by Sharon, Belfast

There are red spots all over the thighs of my three year boy. The keep coming and going. Doctors keep trying different creams.

itchy red spots on thighItchy red spots on thigh.

Belly Rash

Submitted by Tiff, Louisiana

The rash started on my back and then spread to under my breast. Today it is moving down my belly. All this started about four days ago.

spreading belly rashSpreading belly rash.

Pictures of Common Rashes: Pubic Area Rash

Submitted by Sam, Los Angeles

This is the second time this year that I have gotten this rash so I have made this post on the pictures of common rashes page. It is very itchy and takes about 2-3 weeks to go away if I don't scratch it. It has also shown up in the same area every time. I've been using tea tree oil on it but would love to find out what it really is. I feel like it may have something to do with the heat or allergies. I had to trim the area to make sure you can see it better. I never shave so that would not be the problem. Any info would be helpful.

pubic area rashSkin rash in the pubic area.

Patches of Tiny Itchy Skin Bumps

Submitted by Adrien, Memphis

I do not know how it appeared but it's on the left side of my neck and on my chest and under my arms. It skips over my stomach and is around my waist and on my private area.

tiny itchy bumps on neckTiny itchy bumps on neck.
tiny itchy bumps under armTiny itchy skin bumps under arm.

Unknown Circular Rash on Leg

Submitted by Brittany

I've submitted to this pictures of common rashes page because I have had this rash for a couple of months. It itches sometimes but for the most part I forget it's there but it's starting to spread and I'm getting worried. Please help. It's not really raised at all and there are circular shaped areas.

unknown spreading circular rash on leg

Red Blotches Underneath Armpits and all over Body

Submitted by Kayla, Missouri

I have red and raised blotches all over my body, but underneath my armpits are the worst areas. The rash doesn't itch or hurt, but I want to know what it is.

red blotchy rash under armpits and all over body

Round Red Rash that Feels Like a Burn

Submitted by Izy, New Jersey

I have for past week started with an itch and it progress to this round red rash that feels like a burn on my skin. If I press the skin, it feels like a bruise. Anybody have something similar happen?

A round red rash that feels like a skin burn and hurts similar to a skin bruise.

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