Potassium Deficiency and Dermatographism Skin Hives

by Heather
(United States)

Hi, my name is Heather. I am 17 years old and I have had dermatographism for about six years. I didn't know until very recently that I had it. I was put on Claritin for allergies which has been helping treat my dermatographism. If I'm off my medicine for just a little while I break out in hives. I never connected the fact that when I was little my friends and I would laugh when I could write messages all over my legs to them. Recently I was researching eczema because a friend of mine had been diagnosed with it and I ran cross dermatographism and then I connected the dots, and diagnosed myself. It was too obvious that I had it since I showed all the symptoms.

Now that I have found out what I have, I want to find better ways to treat it so I have been doing some research. I have been on Claritin so long that I am building up immunity to it. I've research herbs and other medicine but also other diseases. A while ago I had problems with an organ in my chest and the doctors said it was most likely related to my thyroid. Most people know that I have a poor immune system too so as I was doing the research I thought, "If my hives were related to me writing on my skin what else could be related?"

I've spent a lot of head aching time researching thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, dermatographism, vitamin b, potassium, etc. As I have read, dermatographism is often related to the things people eat. That got me thinking that if you don't eat enough of something you might not get enough of a certain vitamin or mineral. I hate vegetables no matter what anyone does I wouldn't touch them and vegetables hold a lot of potassium. Potassium can help regulate cell metabolism and your skin is made up of cells. It also does a lot of things for other body parts. My immune system needs potassium and without it, it goes crazy and acts on other parts of my body like my thyroid and also can cause allergies. My allergies are linked to my hives.

So to make a long story short, I've found that all my problems are related and that I actually need potassium. I'm just starting to take potassium and making appointments with my doctor. I'm still not sure if it will completely solve my problem but I'm pretty sure I've found something that will help me and hopefully others.

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Jun 21, 2017
Potassium Source
by: Samantha

I am a 28 year old female and I have been having issues with hives for several years now. What is odd is that I only get them, sometimes, when I am exerting myself. The itching starts on my forearms, behind my ears and on my torso and then the hives take over completely.

From the more severe of these episodes, I have been emitted to the hospital after passing out with no diagnosis to date. I have seen a dermatologist, cardiologist, neurologist and several general doctors and still nothing.

This week, I began monitoring my levels of potassium and believe that potassium deficiency plus physical exertion might be the cause of my hives. Previously, I had tested hydration and dairy within a few days of running (I forgot to mention I am training for a another marathon and have already completed two). Everyone tells me not to run, but not living a healthy lifestyle inclusive of working out does not seem like a solution to me.

ANYWHO! The point, I heard a few years ago that one of the best ways you can get potassium is through carrot juice. Since it is in liquid form, you body can easily absorb the nutrients. Reading through this, I wanted to share that.

I will try to update on the potassium trials here.

May 30, 2017
Hives and Low Potassium
by: Tammy

I am a 54 year old female who dealt with severe eczema and asthma as a child. I lived in multiple states and tried all treatments but as I matured the symptoms would wax and wane. I often thought it was due to hormonal changes.

However, eight years ago, my body went crazy. I started with edema in my face, then rashes and eczema which are still with me. In the last year, I developed severe muscle cramping as well as leg and back pain. I have been to everyone for my back, had epidural injections, etc., and nothing has helped and I have recently developed arm pain.

Something came up yesterday, when talking about all the "drying" type medications that I have been on i.e. antihistamines, itch medications, etc., and I had a thought about potassium possibly being a factor and I have been reading everything since including this article. I am curious to know how you are doing and if the potassium has helped? I am starting to take postassium and look to incorporate more potassium rich foods to see if it helps all my symptoms.

For some reason, it is very difficult to get any doctor in my area to test for anything. I did have a doctor, years ago who just "happened" to test for potassium and I was low but after taking some pills he told me to get off them. Now, I am wondering if I just have an ongoing problem with maintaining potassium levels.

Jan 19, 2017
Follow up
by: Victoria

How are the results of potassium supplementation, dietary changes?

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