Pressure Urticaria

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Itchy Skin Hives Condition

I found out that I have dermatographism or pressure urticaria today. I was trying to find out what was wrong with me for two years. In the army, they injected me with something and after that I have had this terrible itchy skin hives condition. I can write a mathematical equation on my skin. Sometimes it makes my life like hell. I cannot work, I cannot enjoy life and sometimes I get crazy because of this. I hope I will find something for treating the pressure urticaria.


Pressure Urticaria

I have had dermatographism and pressure urticaria for ten years and it started with my feet. I have recently been to an alternative therapist in London. Apparently, it has a lot to do with how you digest your food. It is a sign of too much acid and too must yeast in your diet/leaky gut. He told me to cut out acidy foods and white wine, alcohol (if you must drink it, drink red wine), mushrooms, spicy food, and yeast. Reduce cheese and sugar also. So all the good things! Also, chew your food properly and eat slowly. It might not be exactly the same for everybody, but diet is a good place to start looking.

I saw Dr Ali in London. He has books out that advise on diet/digestion and explains that your skin is basically a map of what is going on inside.


Dermatographism or Pressure Causing Urticaria

I remember the first time I got dermatographism or pressure causing urticaria. I was pretty young, probably around 10 years old. I was staying at a relative’s house while my parents where out of town and I got the welts all over my butt and I just couldn't stop itching so it got worse and I had to wake up my aunt. Anyway I've had it ever since then.

I have multiple skin issues so I think my skin is ultra sensitive to just about everything. It is often embarrassing. I remember it being somewhat of a joke to some in high school where people would scratch me or write things on my arm on purpose to see it pop up. Back in the 80's one doctor tried to tell me that is was related to red dye in foods, so I went without ketchup and tomato sauce - eating spaghetti with just noodles - but it didn't go away and so I went back to eating those things.

One thing that helps the pressure urticaria go away temporarily is cold water or rubbing alcohol because it feels cold going on.

Last night when I had it on my cheek and lip I certainly did not want to go in public with that. I honestly do not think that antihistamines work either because sometimes I am taking 2 or 3 different kinds and I still get pressure urticaria.


Allegra Helps Dermatographism

I was just recently diagnosed with Dermatographism. I am relieved to know that there are others that have the same crazy thing going on with their skin. I was beginning to think I was going crazy.

The doctor put me on Allegra, but I haven't seen a big improvement. I am going to try Xyzal next. I think I am the first patient he has ever had with this physical urticaria disorder. I am sort of like a guinea pig...trying this drug and that.

Thanks for all the support you have given me just by knowing I am not alone. I'll keep all of you in my prayers and pray that a cure is found.


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