Raised Red Lesions on Forehead

by Anonymous

Raised Red Lesions on Face

Raised Red Lesions on Face

Two years ago, practically overnight, three raised red lesions appeared on my forehead at the hairline. After a couple of antibiotic treatments which did nothing, I was referred to a specialist and was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus following a biopsy. I have tried Plaquenil, Prednisone and various Topical Steroid Creams. The prednisone worked for a short period of time with the lesions nearly disappearing but then the lesions returned after two weeks worse than before.

The lesions have spread over my scalp, down the side of my right ear, one on both cheeks and my chest. They look a bit different to the original lesions on my forehead and my specialist now thinks that it might be ringworm. I have been for a skin scrapping test (results due in three weeks). I have been using tinea cream for a few days now but it is getting worse than ever. My husband has had one small hard persistent lump at a time in his beard area pretty constantly for the past two years too, the hair pulls out easily. The lump would persist then go and another one appear in a different place.

At the same time the original lesions appeared we adopted an adult stray cat.

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated!

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Jun 06, 2012
Same Lesions on Face
by: Kate

Wow this is uncanny. Five years ago my face looked like yours. The doctors diagnosed me with Lupus SLE as I presented other symptoms also. The spots cleared on my face and although a few have scarred terribly, they haven't come back. Last year all of my hair started falling out - some in round patches but it has grown back now. For the past few years my husband, like yours, has been getting these spots on his scalp and under his beard too. What's going on? Have you had any updates?

Oct 13, 2011
Red Lesions Rash on Face
by: Anonymous

I have had the same thing for years and years. The raised red lesions seem to come and go. Doctors keep telling me that I am getting the chicken poxs over and over again. It is impossible to have the chicken pox this many times.

The red lesions used to be on my cheeks only and they resembled a butterfly rash but now they have gone on my scalp line and are getting worse. In fact the red raised lesion rash is looking a lot like yours. I thought you would like to know that I am sufferring from the same thing. The rash always seems to get worse around my menstral cycle.

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