Raised Red Skin Rash on Leg

by Victoria
(Mobile, Alabama USA)

My back area and the right side of my body had been hurting for several days before the rash started. Then my upper left leg began to hurt as well. The pain can be best described as if my leg had been beaten with a stick. After about an hour or two, I checked my leg to see if anything was visible, and it was horrifying what I saw. It was a heavy, raised and very red rash, which was very frightening to look at. The rash also had marble sized fat or tissue underneath the entire skin rash area. I applied a triple antibiotic ointment, wrapped it in one layer of gauze, and took Valtrex tablet in order to treat the issue. By the way, earlier that evening, I had applied an OTC muscle pain reliever. This what not unusual for me. I always do this for muscle pain, but it was a new brand this time. I did nothing else unusual in my routine.

I almost went to the emergency room at the hospital because of this pain and unusual rash, but I decided to wait until the morning to see if anything would change with the severity of the skin rash. By seven a.m. it was somewhat improved. Therefore, I decided not to panic and to wait a little longer. By three in the afternoon, it was obviously healing. I showered and redid the same treatment on the leg and by eight at night, much of the rash had healed and left only brown spots on the skin. However, the top of the leg is still very painful. It stings and aches from the knee area upwards. I also had some additional symptoms that included about three patches of about four centimeter in size blisters that were fluid filled. I treated them the same and tried not to sit on them. This was all on the left side of my body. My side and leg are still very painful.

I do not know who to go to if this happens again. My Internist does not really treat anything. He simply refers you out to specialists and to get an appointment with one can take a very long time. My regular dermatologist, unfortunately, just retired and there is a two to three month waiting period for new patients. Therefore, it is really difficult to get a proper diagnosis for this skin condition in a reasonable amount of time. I know it is not orthopedic in nature and I cannot imagine my Rheumatologist treating a rash. Therefore, if this happens again, who should I see about it for diagnosis and treatment?

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