Raised Skin Hives Rash

by Eddie

I have a peculiar type of skin hives rash problem. When I scratch the skin on any part of my body, the scratching leaves a raised red line with white bumps. Sometimes, there is no skin rising but instead I just have a red mark or patch on my skin that looks like I have a sunburn. This happens not when I scratch but simply when I rub that skin area. I have had these raised skin hives rash symptoms for three months now. I take some antihistamine tablets to treat the symptoms and I don't scratch but I still have raised skin areas where my clothes are rubbing up against my skin. What could this raised skin hives rash condition be? It is driving me crazy!

Moderator’s Comment

From the symptoms you are describing it is possible that you have dermatographism. Dermatographism is not very serious but can be very annoying and stressful for those who have it. Basically, this skin problem is a type of overly sensitive skin problem. The skin reacts to friction or pressure applied to the skin, even very mild pressure. The friction or pressure causes histamine to be released from the skin cells leading to raised skin, itchiness, and redness. The raised skin or redness is in the pattern of the applied pressure. You can test yourself by taking a blunt object and writing something on your skin. Use only mild pressure. If the skin becomes raised in the pattern of the writing and/or very red and itchy, then you might have dermatographism.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this raised skin hives rash condition. You can use antihistamines to control the symptoms but different types of antihistamines produce different results in individuals. Sometimes what works well with one person may not work well with another person. The dosage of the antihistamine may have to be adjusted as well and often over-the-counter antihistamines are not strong enough to combat the symptoms. Often the experience of a doctor is required to find the right antihistamine or combination of antihistamines and the correct dosage.

Antihistamines do not cure dermatographism but instead simply attempt to cover up the hives skin rash. Some people with dermatographism have tried a natural approach to dealing with skin hives. Speaking with your doctor about your skin problem since the hives may also be caused from some other underlying health problem.

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