Rash on Back of Neck

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Face and Neck Rash

by Anonymous

I have developed a rash on back of neck that also covers my face. It is a dry, irritating rash that comes and goes. I am under a lot of stress at the present time, and some days with the rash on neck and face are worse than others. I have not used any new topical products, taken any new medications, or changed my diet in any way. I am a smoker. Does this contribute to the condition?

Recurring Neck Shingles Skin Rash

by Amber
(Lancaster PA)

For a couple of months and almost a year I have been getting a rash on back of neck. In the most severe case of this neck rash, I have experienced pain and oozing. I asked my family doctor what it could be and she said nerves caused it. I have been taking Xanax 0.5mg three times a day but the rash on my neck does not completely go away. It is causing scaring and it is always in the same spot. The doctor told me my nerves from stress caused shingles. I want to know why this is coming back and not going away with anti-anxiety medication and Seroquel.

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Rash on Back of Neck with Hives and Welts

by Anonymous

I started feeling as if I had a sunburn on one side of my neck (red and hot to touch), then small welts or hives started in the same area. The hives and redness spread around my neck like a necklace. The hives spread down the middle of my back and on my chest, stomach, arms and legs. My face however stays clear. I notice that it gets much worse under stress but I do not know the actual trigger or triggers, which may be red wine, red grape juice, or peanut butter as I love all of these. The skin doctor said I have acquired eczema either inherited or allergen.

Neck rash all started six months ago and before that I had no problems. I am late middle aged. The rash will fade and show up again and again. Sort of like the movie "Ground Hog Day" with Bill Murray, repetitious.

Itchy Neck Rash

by Lucy M.

I have a contribution for this rash on back of neck page. My neck rash consists of itchy lumps, almost like bites then a few on my stomach. My head is itchy and my whole body gets itchy. I have had stressful days and nights recently at work, home, etc., where I awake at 5am worrying. Could it be stress? Also, I spent a night in a youth hostel and I worry that this rash is bites but it does not itch all the time?

Skin Rash at Corners of Mouth and Red Spots on Neck

by Anonymous

The rash started as small red blotches at the corners of my mouth. A few months later, the spots blossomed and red spots formed on one side of my neck. I have been put on an antibiotic and antifungal medication. I also have been using Clotrimaderm cream for the past couple of weeks, but to no avail. The rash on back of neck is non-itchy and is red, rough and bumpy now. Nothing seems to take it away. I have tried eliminating allergy prone foods from my diet. I have not changed any creams or cosmetics for years. I am very puzzled!

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Non Itchy Rash on Face and Neck

by Amy
(New Straitsville, Ohio )

I had lunch one afternoon with my daughter, who is 19 years old and pregnant with her first child, after her OBGYN appointment. She was twenty weeks pregnant and fighting terrible nausea. The doctors would not prescribe any medications for her and by twenty weeks, she had lost 23 pounds. About 30 minutes after we ate lunch, I was driving her home, when she motioned for me to pull over while holding her hand over her mouth. I pulled over and she vomited up everything she had just ate for lunch. After she said she was okay, we went on our merry way. When we pulled into the driveway about ten minutes later, she had a rash on back of neck and front of the neck and all over her face. The skin rash was not itchy at all she said, and it looked more like an outbreak of freckles than a skin rash. When I stopped in to check on her about twelve hours later the rash had in fact become more noticeable than earlier in the day.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening? My daughter has always been my allergy baby and so it is not uncommon for her to get skin rashes or even hives. The food we ate for lunch has never affected her this way and actually is not even considered "allergy" foods that she would typically react to. So, I am pretty sure it wasn't an allergic reaction to the food she ate. If anyone has a similar situation, I would appreciate some input.

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