Rash on Calves Only

by Jessia

About a month ago I developed a rash on both of my calves. It was moderate but seems to be getting worse. I'm not sure how to cure it. There are several "break out" areas on dry cracked skin with little red dots around the rest of the calf. It is only on my calves and itches like crazy. I have tried the oatmeal bath, anti-itch and Calamine lotion, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Any suggestions?? I don't have insurance so I'm trying to avoid the doctor if necessary. I haven't been in the woods or anything similar to get chiggers or anything like that and I haven't changed detergent or anything like that either.

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Jan 31, 2017
Ice Treatment for Itchy Calves
by: Greg

This may sound crazy but I developed a dry skin rash for lack of a better diagnosis on the outside of my calfs ONLY. Not sure what it is but it keeps me up at night and throughout the day I can feel the itching sensation. At night it is worse and the ONLY thing I found to stop it all together was applying ice cubes directly on the itching area. Not sure what it does but I place a paper towel in my hand add the ice cubes and making direct contact with the ice to my itching skin. Concentrate the ice to the point of the itch and you'll feel a slight burn sensation and once the ice cube melts my itch is gone for the rest of the night. This may not be medically prudent but it absolutely cures my itching legs. Just be careful to not keep the ice in contact with the skin for too long to avoid getting frost bite.

Aug 13, 2015
by: Tricia

I've had this rash and attributed it to many things throughout my life such as allergies, shaving, clothing, and boot friction. It was always on my calf area from time to time. Sometimes no more than a dot or two. I thought it was bug bites. It was so infrequent. I went to a theme park and walked all day in the sun, in shorts. The rash came back with a vengeance. I looked it up now that there is the world of medicine at my fingertips with a cell phone. I've had tons of little symptoms throughout my life with inflammatory issues that were never quite lupus, arthritis, etc. I'd be given an analgesic cream, steroids, antibiotics, a pat on the back and sent on my way. And then, I researched this rash because it got so bad while walking all day at Epcot.

Hikers rash, golpher's rash... aka VASCULITIS.
Look up John Hopkins Vasculitis.

Jul 30, 2011
Me Too!
by: Ewski

I have been searching like crazy to find out if I am allergic to sea water, or a reaction to jelly fish, sunscreen, sun, detergent, etc. I have gone to the beach twice this summer and both times developed the same rash on my calves. Last night the itching kept waking me up, which says a lot since I can sleep through crying babies, earthquakes and thunder, and even migraine headaches. I read somewhere to keep washing. You can wash with a vinegar solution or even a very light ammonia solution (That sounds extreme though). Good luck!

Mar 26, 2010
same thing.......
by: Anonymous

I have a very similar problem. They have me on Predisone when it inflammes bad, then I have to use Mometasone cream (Elocon is another)and they cannot figure out what it is. They tested me for Lupus but no dice there either, so I'm lost as well.

Feb 19, 2010
Anti Depressants Side Effects
by: Anonymous

My husband had the same thing, but turned out to be side effect from a kind of ani-depressant he was taking at the time. He quit taking those pills and the rash disappeared. Are you taking any meds right now?

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