Red Burning Itch on Body

by Jannette
(Midland, Ontario)

I am 56 years old now, but my skin itch problem started last summer (in 2012). The skin itch seemed to start when the sun went down and would continue to really bother me until I used some lotion with oatmeal in it or Aveeno cream. I put up with this skin issue without doing much else because it would come and go whenever, and no other different health issues were occurring with me. So, I simply tried to treat the itch the best I could when it occurred.

The burning skin itch did not have any certain or definite trigger that I could identify and so I just put up with it. As the months went by, my skin itch issue became more severe and I became more irritable because of it. Finally after I could no longer take it any more, I payed a visit to my doctor and he subsequently referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said it was symptomatic dermatographism, and there is no cure for this condition.

I swear the itch is so bad that I want to crawl out of my skin. When I get the itch, whenever, it is so itchy that I need to scratch and the more I scratch the itchier my skin gets. When I take the antihistamine pill, I just sit and relax and I can feel the effect take over and I calm down. The doctors say it could go away as fast as it came or it could last forever. There is no way of predicting which it will be.

I cannot afford all the pills and lotions that I need to take in order to relieve my dermatographism symptoms, so I do not know what to do. It is driving me crazy. Reactin works for me but Benadryl makes me sleepy. The Equate pills work but they make me a little tired. I guess I will just have to keep on keeping on.

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