Red Circular Flaking Rashes

by Anonymous

For multiple years now I've had red circular flaking rashes that come and go. When it started it was essentially just small red patches on my cheeks and upper lip and it would go away and I wouldn't see it again for a month or so. Over time it has gotten progressively worse and more common and affecting more places on my body. I have been to various doctors and a dermatologist but the doctors have no answers and I waited for the dermatologist for three months just to not have a breakout at that time I saw him and be sent away without a diagnosis and oil free lotion.

I have tried Bactroban which seemed to work but the red circular flaking rash would come back and the medication gave me headaches. I've been using hydro-cortisone to keep the skin rash from flaking and getting itchy and burning. It still comes and goes but it seems to stay or prefer to be in places dense with hair. I still get the upper cheek and upper lip rash but also it affects my sideburns and lower abdominal area close to my pelvis. This circular red rash never appears on any of my limbs.

The rashes are often circular and in various sizes but never larger than a penny. It is very frustrating that my face is constantly red with dry white flaky skin all over. I never had acne or excessive pimple problems. I use dandruff shampoo because if I don't I get a similar itchy scalp.

I am pretty desperate at this point. I have tried many things for treating this rash and I can't keep using cortisone for the rest of my life. Doctors are useless and I can't keep hoping that every time a three month visit to the dermatologist comes around, I will have something to show him. I have tried apple cider vinegar with no help. It actually seems like my skin gets more sensitive every year and this rash issue gets worse with every passing month. I am nearly 26 years old and I want to live a normal life without being insecure of looking like I have the plague. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

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Oct 14, 2013
Same Red Circular Rash
by: Anonymous

I think I have the same thing on my scalp. It sounds exactly the same. Red circular and you can just peel the skin off. It sounds gross, I know. I was hoping it would just go away but it's been an issue for almost two months now and it has spread. I have one small circular spot now on my back. The burning and itching can be unbearable. I have tried moisturizing shampoos, dandruff shampoos, hydrocortisone near my ears, all with no relief. I am hoping to see the doctor this week. I will post to this page if I get a real diagnosis.

Sep 13, 2013
Sounds Like It Could Be....
by: Anonymous

Psoriasis vulgaris or eczema.

Sep 11, 2013
There's still hope...don't give up!
by: Texas Girl

I started breaking out in a scaly red rash when I was in my late teens, and mine would come and go also. I too went to several doctors with no definite explanation. Someone finally offered help when he saw my break out on my arm. He said he had seen it before and the next day he brought me a tube of (clobetasol propionate cream 0.05%). This little tube was a miracle cure I thought, and immediately went to my doctor for a prescription. At this time she diagnosed me with Psoriasis. I found that beach water and sunlight worked wonders also. I bought a tanning bed and keep it under control all the time now. Hormones have a lot to do with the sudden break outs. Hope this was of some help to you, best of luck!

Aug 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

Sounds like simple eczema. Try keeping the area where you break out most often really well hydrated with a non irritating cream like petroleum jelly. Do it religiously and make sure your soap/laundry an detergent/shampoo are unscented.

Oct 12, 2012
Similar Flaking Skin on Face
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend has something that sounds similar, though his is also affected by the seasons. It gets worse in the spring, summer, and the dead of winter. He hasn't found anything to make it go all the way away, but keeping his face moisturized seems to help.

From the outside perspective, I just want to tell you that a blotchy red face is less "plague"-like than a dandruffy face (I conceptualize it as face-dandruff, which makes it completely benign), so if it doesn't hurt you to peel off the flakes, I can say that lots of people are red and blotchy and no one who matters cares. In fact, no one who matters cares about noncontagious skin flakes, either.

Also, I didn't really notice the flaking until I started spending a lot of time gazing at his face. And his flakes get pretty big. I mean, I saw it, but I didn't pay much attention, because I was more interested in what he was saying than in his weird skin. A lot of people are like that. At least, he has a bunch of friends and no one comments on his face, so I assume they don't really care.

I guess I just hope you can feel a little more normal even if this is an incurable thing. Sorry I couldn't be more help in curing or naming it.

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