Red Itchy Bumps on Arms

by Anna
(Las Vegas, NV)

We moved into a house and a few weeks later, I was the first to receive these red itchy bumps on my arms. At first I thought it was bug bites because they look like hives. I know I'm not allergic to anything but I also found out my nephew had it too along with my inlaws. I never had this problem before, only since I moved to Vegas when we moved into this house. I just assummed it was insect bites.

Now my husband and daughter have it and we have been using Benadryl and cortisone to stop the itch. It seems to be getting worse now. I'm trying to figure out what's different. Is it insect bites, water softener, or is it allergies? I want to go to the doctor but I don't want to pay for something that I can just buy over the counter.

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Dec 25, 2010
staph rash?
by: del

there is an article in the first few articles on this site abt it. Ive had it and its quite contagious. it can also be caught off things like door nobs, light switches, taps. staph can be very stubborn, and I caught mine off a rental too. go to doctors. I did this and got told it was folliclitis, so if it doesnt go away, persist as staph can be hard to get out of you system. It shows up esp if youve been sick, run down, or dont take care of your immune system.. I was a regular drinker at the time, and my body took ages to beat it. When I stopped drinking and boosted my immune system it workd better. Also get metho, or srray disinfectany, and treat your house, anything you all touch the same, like door nobs, etc. The wash everything, clothes and bedding 3 times each in hot hot water, to eliminate the organism as best you can in your environment. Wash your hair in iodine surgical wash from the chemist. It especially loves to live in fabric and hair. evn use the spray disinfectant on you carpets and inside your bath tub. If you do this, and get a good course of antibiotics, it should go away. sounds like alot of work, but I had it recurring into big staph sores, my kids ended up in hospital with staph sores, and this went on for 18 months, till I did all of this. now we dont get it anymore. kick it in the ass. even if its not that, if you think its the house, do all this anyway. also you could try washing with diltued apple cider vinegar baths first. may clear it up on its own. try that for a couple of weeks.

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