Red Marks on Skin from Dermographism

by Ashley
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi everyone. I was recently diagnosed with dermographism. I am a kindergarten teacher and I was noticing random red welts all over my hands and arms as the day would go on. At first, I thought maybe I had bedbugs (since there has been an outbreak lately) but noticed that when I first wake up, my skin is clear. As the day would go on, I would have red marks all over. I also noticed that when I would scratch anywhere on my body, I would leave a red trail of where my nails had been. I never had this problem before so I went to see my doctor and he told me that I had dermographism. He showed me the whole "skin writing" and said that it was caused by excess histamines.

Working with small children all day, my hands and arms are usually covered in red marks by the end of the day. It's embarrassing when parents come in because I feel that they are thinking that I have a contagious skin rash, when really, there is nothing I can do about it. Anyway, the doctor has told me to start taking anti-histamines daily to reduce the outbreak. Let's see if it works!!!

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Nov 30, 2010
Red Dermographism and Dermatitis
by: Lea

Hello Everyone.

I've had dermographism on an off for a couple of years as well as dermatitis [dry skin or eczema]. Basically my dermatologist has me on 1 Zyrtec daily and 1 Atarax at night, anti-histamine treatment. I also have this skin ointment which is a compound mixture of hydrophilic oint [petroleum jelly] and Triamcin. The ointment is okay and helps to sooth the itching but I still get flare ups everyday. The doctor said to take these pills for at least 3-4 months to see if we can "re-set" my body. I find that the condition is worse during the winter or cold weather because of dry skin season or is stress induced. Sweating makes it worse so exercise with caution. Finding ways to relieve stress or trying not to think of it works well for me.

Your going to scratch, you can't help it but I suggest scratching for 15 seconds and then apply a cream or Eucerin or aveeno creams directly afterwards. Creams are better than lotions. Lotion is mostly water based. Apply them directly out of the shower so it holds in the water. Don't shower too often, for too long, or in water that is too hot. I can't help that because I shower everyday and I like to stay in for a bit but if you can try to minimize your time that is best. Also use everything hypoallergenic - soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc. Try to avoid anything that will make you itch like wool, scratchy clothes, tight clothes or jeans. I actually still wear jeans and tight clothes but I think the Zyrtec helps me during the day. It is usually at night when I am the itchiest.

Good luck to you all. I hope that you all find ways to cope and I am always looking for new info!

Oct 29, 2010
Why antihistamines?
by: Anonymous

This is the 3rd story I have read where the doctor tells them to take antihistamines to help clear up a skin irritation or rash...but dang, who wants to have to take them for, more than likely, the rest of your life, if this is going to be a continuous outbreak. Those things make me tired and feel like I have no energy! There has to be a different answer. I posted a story about a skin problem I have, so its interesting to hear this.

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