Red Welts with Scratching

by Margielynn
(United States)

I am so glad to see this site and that I'm not alone on this! I'm a senior in high school now and I've been having this skin hives condition since sixth grade. I found out I had this condition one day when I was scratching my back a lot. After clawing back I felt long bumps across my skin. I went to check my back with a mirror and saw these long lashes of red welts everywhere around my back – a pretty wicked sight for a sixth grader.

At the beginning I thought that it was really cool to be able to write and draw on your skin. But it got real annoying sometimes, especially when you have cousins that think it is really funny to scratch you every time they see you. I've been worrying about this ever since I had it, but I no longer have to worry now thanks to this site!

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Jan 11, 2011
My 5 year old daughter
by: Anonymous

My daughter is only a few months shy of her 5th birthday. She is having this bout where welts randomly appear on different parts of her body. The welts are random in location and random in shape. Some are long, straight lines about 3/16" in width and some are more round.

They are not the result of scratching because they have recently appeared all over her back. They seem to raise, then go away, then pop up somewhere else; almost as if they are caused by something internal to her system. I'm taking her to her pediatrician tomorrow.

Does anyone know what could be the cause?

Nov 27, 2010
More about Red Welts when scratching
by: Pam

So then what is it called and why does it happen (the welting after scratching, etc)? My 13 year old daughter has it happen to her but she has had areas on her body where it's not been scratched merely touched (by something) and its welted. Happy to hear back from you.

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