Reddish Bubbly Non-Itchy Rash

by Jeremy
(Orange County)

Reddish bubbly non-itchy rash on leg.

Reddish bubbly non-itchy rash on leg.

I am in a band and I am always marching. Recently I began feeling a soreness pain in my left hip and this pain made its way down to the right tendon on the inside of my left knee. I do not know if this would cause that but then one morning I woke up to take a shower and when I scrubbed my left leg a little below the knee and high shin area, it felt like if I was scrubbing sensitive skin and noticed this rash was present that was not itchy, red in color, with water filled bubbles, and there are four areas affected. The biggest area is about an inch in diameter. The second area is two centimeters under it and the other two spots are one centimeter diameter and on both sides of my mid shin.

I have included a photograph of the skin rash and hope that this can better explain my skin condition. If anyone has any information as to what this could be and a treatment for my skin problem I would really appreciate a comment to my post.

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