Repcilline for Eczema and Skin Problems

by Ruth
(West Palm Beach, FL)

My daughter was born with Eczema. I didn't know what that 'crusty' skin was behind her ears but it was hard as a rock! After bathing her the crustiness started to break down, this was the 1st sign. Then her neck started showing rings with 2 tone color??? I thought maybe her skin was getting lighter but this 2 tone started appearing a couple of months into her life on the back of the knees, the insides of her elbows, and the top of her wrists/hands. Then around 4 months I "thought" she had had an allergic reaction to one of the foods that contained pineapple but an allergic reaction wouldn't stay for months and months would it?

I asked the Dr. why her skin was like that and was told that sometimes this happens when races are mixed. Huh? That made no sense at least not to me. As her skin got worse on her face I asked again and was told that she has Eczema. What is that? I didn't know anything about this, unfortunately. My other daughter's skin is super smooth so how was I to know that my 2nd baby would get this? My husband's family has eczema and although it is not bad, still the disease is there.

Now trying to find a 'fix' has been depressing! From reading and doing a lot of research I've learned that there is no 'fix' but there are plenty of things to try and see if it helps. I've tried Aquaform to get her skin smooth but that didn't work for us (aside from leaving her all sticky!). I've tried vinegar and water, aloe vera juice on her scalp as she scratches till it feels good and then yanks her hair out from the frustration (and then some of mine too!).

Recently I came across a website that helps those with Eczema and other skin diseases (such as Psoriasis, Solar Keratosis, Cuts and Bruises, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Scalds and Burns, Athlete's foot, Cold Sores, Rashes, and many more!). It's crocodile fat and the product is called "REPCILLIN" which comes from Africa. Can I say it again "REPCILLIN!" In the 1st 24 hours I've noticed a change on her skin, specifically her face! NO JOKE! The left cheek on her face was SO tender that the slightest scratch would open up the skin and believe me, she would take care of doing exactly that many times, enough to bring me to tears. I've been applying this Repcillin to her cheek and all the other areas that show signs of Eczema and it has been doing wonders! The product wasn't cheap HOWEVER.

I did not want to use steroids on my 8 month old baby. That's how old she is now. Most users see a difference around 3 weeks after applying it however, I've noticed a difference within 24 hours and today will make 5 days. Her skin is "healing" and I'm so HAPPY!!! The skin on her cheek is starting to become healthy and smooth again.

Every day I've been taking pictures of the changes just so I can see and convince myself of how good this product is and has been so far.

Recently I got bit by mosquitos on my ankle (never fails when I'm out in the woods!) and so of course and as usual, the bites swell up. I put some Repcillin on them and immediately the need or urge to scratch was gone! I could go the whole day without knowing they're there which means, I'm letting my skin heal instead of having my nails damage the skin. Any new 'boo-boo' as my 2 year old puts it, that comes up I put Repcillin on. SO many people have seen the great effects Repcillin has on them and those they love.

For all of you who are suffering from any skin disease, I really and strongly suggest that you give Repcillin a chance. Just like I did "testing it out" you could order the smallest package, apply it and write down, take pictures, make a video of the DAILY progress this product has on you and share it with the rest of the world. I will soon be making a video of the pictures I've taken "daily" of my 8 month old so everyone can see why I'm SO relieved and SO happy for my babygirl. I'm sure all mom's, dad's and anyone who is frustrated by skin disorders will understand why "I" gave Repcillin a try.

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