Scabies Problem and Stress Skin Rash

by Homekeeper

About a month and a half ago, I was diagnosed with the scabies skin care problem. Scabies is a vicious and difficult to get rid of parasite that burrows under the surface of the skin and creates among other symptoms, very itchy skin. I spent a few days crying and panicking about my kids also getting it. Then I took action and I began to treat the entire family (all six of us) and clean, clean, and clean. I stressed so much so much about the scabies and possibly spreading it to my family that I got depressed. The kids briefly showed symptoms of scabies, but the symptoms were easily treated. Despite this, I still cleaned and treated and worried all the time about it. Every now and then I was still having occasional itchy spots on my skin and this caused me to worry some more and then once again became obsessed with more cleaning and treating.

For a few weeks now, I have been having itchy outbreaks, mostly on my arms and this usually occurs in the last half of the day. My medical professional told me that it was unlikely that I still had a scabies skin problem after all my precautions and all my efforts to treat the skin problem. In fact, no one else in the house has had any symptoms. However, I still worry and occasionally break out in symptoms and subsequently treat them.

A week ago, I got bumps all over the inside of my arm. These were benign, not itchy or red-hives of some kind. Nothing has come of them, but it makes me think that I may have worried myself into an itchy skin disorder. The bumps got itchy tonight, but I am not concerned that this skin rash is scabies because the bumps have been on my skin way too long without any skin itch being present. Unfortunately, I let fear take hold of me and make me (and those around me) miserable! The mind is truly a powerful thing and can cause problems you never though would happen, such as a skin hives rash. I now believe that I am over the scabies once and for all. I just have to convince my mind that I no longer have scabies and I have to relax and not worry about it anymore. Hopefully this suspected stress rash will disappear and things can get back to normal with my skin once I learn to properly deal with the worry, stress, and anxiety.

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Sep 24, 2016
Misdiagnosed with Scabies
by: Stressed Mommy Of Two

Two and a half months ago my husband left me with two kids, a six-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy. A month and a half into our separation, I moved my children and I back to my parents. Four days after the move we had a massive garage sale that took every available minute from moving day to set up. Towards the later part of the day, I noticed hive/pimple like bumps on my thighs. That night I popped them (I am a popper/picker). Over the next week, I started noticing other bumps, itchy patches, linear dotted lines, and brown freckle-like dots, so I went to an urgent care emergency where I was diagnosed with scabies. I was treated that night. I had already been contagious for 4-6 weeks prior and figured my kids would get it also, so every day I checked them. I was diagnosed on Saturday. On Monday I started noticing similar milder places on both children. The doctor wrote me a prescription and we were all treated.

Almost a week passed and something just wasn't settling with me that these were scabies. I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with strep throat (the kids were the only one tested) and we were told we never had scabies. This whole past week had been hell for me. Sleepless nights, googling all night, symptoms and spots that came and went. Nothing was right. So we started treating the strep even though I knew that was not what was wrong. All of our doctors told us that we never had strep throat either and it didn’t grow in our cultures.

It has now been three weeks and we are still having the symptoms minus any itching or creepy crawly feelings. My kids never had this to begin with, a random freckle like "rash" on arms and forehead that comes early in the morning and gone by night. Small sores that healed overnight, except for the very original pimple places on my legs that I had picked and not completely healed yet. Small scratches appear from no where, my son's poop causes a diaper rash every time, our veins look like they have gone crazy because they are protruding from the skin, hypo pigmentation that comes in all shapes and sizes in me and my daughter and possible hyperpigmentation in my son. I have had a constant congestion and drainage since this started and my son has had it off and on.

We have all kinds of lab test run and everything has been normal even the parasite labs. I cannot find anything that all of our symptoms fit. Remember: all have most of the symptoms and they come and go virtually simultaneously. I have pretty much decided that this is all totally stress related for all of us. I can't figure anything else out. If you can help it would be great. If anyone has any suggestions, please post a comment on this site. We are open to any and all suggestions! Please help!

Sep 10, 2013
Sick of Scabies
by: Anonymous

I caught scabies from my 85 year old mother in law. I am furious with my brother in law for sending her to my house in that condition. Anyway that was nine months ago. I have been to the doctor numerous times, they are idiots. I can tell you I know more about scabies after living with them all this time than any doctor will ever know. The only problem is I can't write a script for the medications that are needed. We have spent approximate $2000 so far on doctor's visits and medications and cleaning supplies, new pillows, new bed linens, etc. Every time I think we are over it here comes that awful itch. I am about to go out of my mind. Now the so called specialist feels the need to do a biopsy to prove this is scabies. I wonder if she also feels the need to pay for it when it comes back positive for scabies. I am so sick of this. I have tried everything and I am now loosing my mind.

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