Scratching and Welting on Skin

by Nedra
(SA, TX)

dermatographism raised welts on leg

dermatographism raised welts on leg

I started noticing it many years ago. When I would scratch my skin it would welt and then everything around it itched and by the time I stopped scratching there was a huge patch of my skin covered in lifted, red, hot, and tingling welts. The severity comes and goes, but trying on wedding dresses was interesting. Everytime I took one off I had the outline of the bodice whelted onto my body. Ever since having my son it has not been as severe unless I get stressed out or sick.

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Nov 25, 2017
Hyper Sensitive Skin Condition or Dermatographism
by: Anonymous

I am 45 years old. As a child I could scratch my name on my arm and it would raise up in a welt and then slowly subside. My father was a doctor and told me I had hyper sensitive skin. I did not recall if it itched or not, however, bumps, cuts, etc., would all result in a welt and then slowly subside within several minutes. Recently, I noticed it does not happen to me anymore.

My daughter is 12 years old and has the same skin condition. Her school was concerned when they noticed the welts caused by her and her friends writing their names on her arms.

It sounds like the Dermatographism I have been reading about - not sure if this condition has to do with hyper sensitive skin or dermographism.

I guess in a some ways, you can say that dermatographism is a subset of hypersensitive skin. In this case the hypersensitivity is to pressure. Regardless, from your description above, it sounds like classic dermatographism. It has been known to have a hereditary aspect to it and so it is not all that shocking that your daughter also has it.

Nov 25, 2017
Is this a Symptom of Dermagraphism?
by: Robinson (Connecticut)

I have been diagnosed as having dermagraphism. I was on anti-histamines and slowly came off of them as symptoms improved. However, yesterday after showering and then laying down in bed I felt a sharp bite like feeling on my thigh then raised itchy welt. The part of the thigh was not touching the mattress only the pajama's with a sheet on top. I periodically will get these extremely sharp bite like feelings then itching and welts or redness. While driving, on my legs, arms, etc. Is this sharp bite like feeling a symptom of dermatographism? I am going to begin my antihistamines.

It is hard to say for sure, but I also have dermographism and have experienced isolated hives or raised welts that also feel like sharp bites or pin pricks.

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