Scratching Causes Bright Red Marks on Skin

by J.R.P

Scratching Causes Bright Red Marks and Welts on Skin

Scratching Causes Bright Red Marks and Welts on Skin

I first remember my skin welting up when I was about seven or eight years old. My back itched and itched so I scratched and scratched and after I finally stopped my skin was burning hot and moments later it felt very tight. That kind of freaked me out! I thought my back looked and felt like I was a burn victim. I showed my mom but she said it would go away. It pretty much went away for a long time but I'm 27 now and it has come back in full force about a year ago.

I started waking up in the middle of the night scratching. I've tried all kinds of anti-itch lotions and creams and other stuff but decided to finally see a dermatologist. She didn't say what it was. She just prescribed me some 24 hour allergy medicine and sent me on my way. It has been working pretty good but wow do I ever really notice when I forget to take my pill. The spots I itch the most are my lower back and my legs but anywhere I scratch I end up with bright red marks and welts. A little tiny itch on my forehead turns into a big red mark that lasts for about an hour. It is a little embarrassing!

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Feb 01, 2017
A Diagnosis
by: Anonymous

It is called dermatographic urticaria.

Jun 06, 2012
Same Exact Symptoms
by: Devon Le

I have got the exact same symptom. The dermatologist could not find out the diagnosis because all blood allergy test results were normal. Then she gave me the Xyzal 5mg, twice a day for 1 month. It helps but after that the itches come back if I do not take my pill. It is almost four years now that I have to take 1 tablet of Xyzal everyday. Desperate! I found out about this condition called Dermographism and will try to see another specialist this week. If I have receive an effective treatment, I will post the information here.

Jul 11, 2011
Five Year Old with Bright Red Marks on Skin
by: Anonymous

I know a five year old little girl who has it too. Everytime she scraps her face with her brush it gets red. When she scratches the skin it turns red and this happens all over her body. It seems to me that at night when she is sleeping it bothers her the most.

What can you do about it? It is hard for me to see her or anyone else like this!

Jan 25, 2011
Scratching Causes Red Marks
by: Anonymous

I have the EXACT same thing.

Has no one answered you? Behind my knees and lower back are the worst but just like you said, my foread is bright red from one scrape of my finger and lasts quite a while.

What could this be?

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