Severe Swollen Rash/Allergic Reaction Over Entire Body

by Mike

Every day, I ride a middle aged man to his clinic. One day he complained to me about a problem he was having - waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom very frequently. He went to the hospital in order to deal with this problem and they gave him medication to treat it. Two days later a rash/reaction started over his whole body. Coincidentally, he also bought a ton of seafood the same day he got his medications. I am not sure if this is related or not to what he was experiencing. The skin rash was severe and swelling started to appear especially around his legs, hands, and face. He went to the hospital for this and they sent him home three days later with more medication. Two days later he complained of severe, throbbing back pain around the liver/kidney area. I immediately thought this was serious and took him to the hospital emergency room. Once again they kept him for a few days and then sent him home. A day later he started having trouble walking and his ankles started swelling and the next day his lips had severe swelling and looked like he had major burns on his lips. On top of all of this he was constantly coughing up mucus and seemed dehydrated. He always had white stuff on his lips, so I took this as him being dehydrated from the medication and nothing else. Then he woke up a day later and was feeling very sick. Meanwhile his lips literally turned black! The WHOLE of both his upper and lower lips were completely black! He is now in the hospital AGAIN! He was always kept in a single room at the hospital so I feared maybe he had something contagious or very serious. I am very worried and I am just curious of what the heck is wrong with him. Please help with any information about what this condition could be.

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