Shaving Rash

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Proper shaving techniques can help prevent that irritating shaving rash from occurring. Some shaving tips for skin rash prevention are provided on this page so that the shaving routine does not become a stressful or painful procedure.

In addition to a rash from shaving, there are many other types of skin rashes that can occur. Visit our pictures of skin rashes page for more information about the many different types of skin rashes.

Firstly, when shaving an area, moisten the skin with warm water to the point where the skin is nice and supple. Use a suitable shaving cream and shaving gel, particularly one that moisturizes well and reduces friction considerably. Use a sharp razor and shave lightly over the skin. Avoid shaving over the same area several times as this can irritate the skin, especially when poorer quality razors are used. A dull razor will require more force on the skin to shave properly and this can irritate the skin and cause a shaving rash. A dull razor also means repetitive shaving strokes over the same skin area. This causes skin irritation and a shave rash.

It is generally recommended to shave with the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the direction of hair growth or against the grain can lead to an extra close shave but also the formation of ingrown hairs that can cause a type of skin rash. Each individual is different and so experimentation is required. A razor bumps rash is common when shaving a sensitive skin area especially when shaving this area against the direction of hair growth.

Soothe a Shaving Rash

After shaving, soothing the skin is a very important step for most. Use a suitable skin conditioning aftershave for best skin care results. Avoid cheap type aftershaves with a lot of scent and that contain alcohol. Alcohol is an irritant and can cause a skin rash on its own, even though the shaving procedure did not.

Some people are sensitive to the various products used in the shaving process such as creams, gels, aftershaves, and even razor types. For these individuals, experimentation with different combinations of products is the key to preventing an irritating rash from shaving. Do not assume it is the friction of shaving that is causing your rash because it may be due to some of these other products.

Also, for those who cannot find an adequate shaving method for preventing a shaving rash, an alternative method of hair removal should be researched. Alternatives can be waxing, hair removal creams, or laser techniques. Choice of method depends on the area of the body where the hair is to be removed and often what the personal preference of the individual is. Cost may also be a deciding factor.

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