Skin Hives and Flu Virus

by Danny
(Lancashire, England)

Skin Writing on Arm

Skin Writing on Arm

A while back, I caught a flu type bug that made me ill for a couple of days and I also got horrible nettle type skin hives all over my body. The skin hives were severe for a few days and I could not properly dry myself without feeling like I was being stung by insects. I am allergic to all nuts but I actually thought at the time that this may be from a new product in the house such as a shampoo or something that I'd grown allergic too. However, it came at the exact time that I was ill and I never experienced anything ever like these skin hives beforehand.

It is now over three years since and the skin hives have calmed down from the severe state but I still get them if I rub myself against anything such as catching my arms when eating at a table, moving boxes and even scratching myself with my fingernails. I use calamine lotion when the hives itch badly. Other people only seem to get these hives as an allergic reaction to something, but I have them all the time and they can be brought up by simply scratching the skin lightly or pressing down on the skin with any object. I am not allergic to myself or any other products which would cause the skin hives.

Most websites say the skin hives should disappear in about six weeks. My hives have lasted over three years. I have seen two doctors for other things and asked about them about my skin problem and they put me on antihistamines which didn't do anything but make me sleepy after months of use and the doctors do not seem to tell me much else about my skin hives problem.

Is this something I should worry about? Is it actually going to go one day or is this flu-bug I caught one of a kind that just messed me up in this way? I would love to hear anything that would shine light on the subject.

Above is a picture of my arm. I drew a horizontal line with four vertical lines with a plastic pen end about 30 minutes before it was taken and the lines are still visible but faint. I then drew WTF (my apologies, it was only thing that came to mind) with a brass house key which came up exorcist style and was very itchy. Thanks for reading.

From the picture and your description it sure looks and sounds like you have developed a dermatographism skin problem. The cause is difficult to pinpoint but I have heard of many cases where hives that were brought on by exposure to a virus can trigger this problem. In time it may go away completely or just become a mild hives condition for many years. It is difficult to say. I would suggest you discuss with your doctor other antihistamines that may work better for you and/or look into natural hives treatments.

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