Skin Hives or Welts Problem

by Crystal
(Los Angeles)

After reading the posts on this website, I am certain that I have this skin disorder. I am a female and 28 years old and I remember my first outbreak was when I was 15. I slept with a wool-like cover. The following day, I scratched or rubbed my face and it swelled/welted up badly. For me, my face did not itch, but the slightest pressure (e.g. biting my lower lip) caused hives or welts to form on my skin. The hives or welts would eventually go away as long as I could stop scratching or irritating the affected skin area.

I am not sure exactly what helped this skin problem go away, but it did not reappear until I was about 24 years old. I was working as an insurance adjuster and I had to inspect a vandalized vehicle. I recall that I started itching after looking at a burned vehicle and oil and debris got on me. For about two to four months, I would break out in hives or welts from the slightest breeze or touch. But, then I went to Mexico for a family trip and it went away completely. I am an easy going person and so I would not say it was my nerves or stress that caused the hives breakout but I am sort of convinced that the geographic differences or even the water in Mexico helped soothe my skin.

After I came back (like a year or two later afterwards), I had synthetic hair braided into my hair and the dermatographism symptoms came back. As before, this skin problem along with the hives or welts symptoms went away after a period of about four to six months. However, now I am 28 years old and the skin hives are BACK! I am not sure what I used or wore that irritated my skin this time around. I have never had seasonal allergies, or any type of allergies for that matter. Lately, I have not been able to sleep at night because once I lay down in my bed, the itching starts. It seems that my skin is most sensitive on my trunk (back, neck, stomach) and arms. I break out on my face, but it does not involve any type of itching symptoms. The welts have started to appear on my thighs, but it is usually on my upper body. I find that warm weather/air and water soothes my skin. I have found that self-control helps at times as well. I have to really struggle to handle the pain/irritation and not scratch and just hope that sensation goes away. At times, it feels like little bugs crawling on my back, or little pins poking at me.

Thanks for sharing your story and inviting people to share their own. This is relieving because I know what it is and have read different suggestions to help manage the symptoms. Plus, I know the doctors will just give me the run-around.

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