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by Linda
(Sacramento, CA USA)

Sacramento, CA USA

I'm 66 and have had chronic eczema on my lower legs for a few years and nothing over the counter or prescription creams have helped. The doctors just tell me to use moisturizing creams and not to scratch the itch. A couple of weeks ago, I developed prickly type hive rash on my upper arms, thighs, and some on my back. I am not sure if this is the same issue or what. I haven't used any new soaps or eaten anything different. I know I have sensitive skin and try to use products for such. I started Relafen for arthritis about a month ago, but have backed off it thinking it might be causing the hives. Can food allergies start so late in life?

Melbourne, Australia

Around three months ago, I discovered a small rash around the size of a 20 cent piece on both my elbows. It appeared very scaly and bumpy but not very visible. It then spread to my forearms, breast, back, stomach, hips and also fingers, but only in circular clumps. I am not sure if its a form of an STD or not but I am getting very concerned. The rash is rarely itchy, and it also scabs over if I scratch it.

My boyfriend now also has it and its all over his chest, about 20 areas, all the size of 5 cent pieces. He also has a cut on his penis which is what makes me believe that it is a sexually transmitted infection. Can someone please help me?

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Feb 02, 2016

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